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Political slogan graffiti for ANC and subsequently SAP

Women walk past political graffiti in Johannesburg. The slogan "Long live ANC" is the original slogan, the ANC has been crossed out subsequently and replaced by SAP. So reads "Long live SAP" with the ANC crossed out. Original graffiti supports the ANC and Subsequent graffiti supports South African Police (SAP)

Schwegmann, Wendy

Political slogan graffiti on a wall about election to Indian House of Delegates

Political slogan graffiti on a wall in Rylands, " H. Osman can't speak to save his own arse. How can he save us? Boycott!!" Popular resentment towards a candidate for the Indian House of Parliament expressed in graffiti. Mr Osman received so few votes in the August 1984 elections he lost his election deposit.

Matthews, Jimi

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