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Historical Papers Research Archive, University of the Witwatersrand African Advertisements Séries
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Index pages

An index was compiled on the first pages of the scrapbook, listing all products alphabetically, followed by their relevant page numbers as they appear in the album.

Page 1

Containing adverts for the following:
Mum; Phosferine; Phensic; Chamberlain's Cough Remedy; Dettol; Bu-Tone; Karroo Pain Tablets

Page 7

Containing adverts for the following:
American Beauty- The Revolutionary New Hair-Straightener; Anadin; Virata; Zoomo Lung Tonic; Zambuk; Ashton&Parsons-World Famous Infants' Powders; Lion Blood Tonic; Woods Great Peppermint Cure; Parton Pills; Feluna Pills; Ivan-Kof; De Witt's Antacid Powder & Tablets; Daraprim

Page 9

Containing adverts for the following:
club - The Perfect Hair Cream; Bonomint Laxative Chewing Gum; Dr Williams Pink Pills; Bu-tone Vanishing Cream; De Witt's Pills; Yeast-Vite; Lion Blood Tonic; Yalta Salve; Silf Tablets; Phul-Nana Perfume and Powder; Snowene Vanishing Cream; African Pharmacy; A.H Preston Chemist and Optician; American Beauty Hair Straightener; Macleans Peroxide Toothpaste; Eno's Fruit Salt

Page 12

Containing adverts for the following:
Karroo Nerve Pain Tablets; Evacosal Blood Purifying Pills; Vicks Inhaler; S.S Blood Purifying Pills; Brylcreem; Feluna Pills; Partons Pills; Vicks Vaporub; Stein's Optical Dispensary

Page 17

Containing adverts for the following:
Brooklax Chocolate Laxative; Phosferine; Puritone Blood Purifying Tablets; Colrub Vaporising Salve; Sloan's Liniment; Cystex; Dettol; Elastoplast; S.S Blood Purifying Pills; Kamillen; Eno's Fruit Salt

Page 19

Containing adverts for the following:
Choat's Extract of Lettuce; Pearl Skin Vanishing Cream; Paul's Hair Strate; DeWitt's Baby Cough Syrup; BB Tablets; Elastoplast; Phospherine; Jik; DeWitt Pills; Rheumarsan Tablets; Nixoderm; Bonomint Chewing Gum; Kama The Great Blood Medicine; Chamberlain's Colic and Diarrhoea Remedy; DeWitt's Antacid Powder and Tablets

Page 21

Containing adverts for the following:
Pearl Skin Vanishing Cream; Pond's Vanishing Cream; Aspro; Mothaks; Two Way Tablets; Mum; Skol Blood Purifying Pills; The Special Ajax Battery; Evening in Paris Perfume; The Gold Bar Special; Californian Poppy; Kama The Great Blood Medicine

Page 28a

Containing adverts for the following:
DeWitt's Pills; Bayer Aspirin; DeWitt's Baby Cough Syrup; Dettol; TwoWay Tablets; Eno's Fruit Salt; Brylcreem; Phosferine; First Aid; Liqufruta; Ajax Dry Cell Body Belt

Page 28b

Containing adverts for the following:
Bu-tone Vanishing Cream; Pepsodent Toothpaste; Boxer Pills; Brooklax; Kempilo Blood Purifying Pills

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