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Newsletter, No. 35/36

Containing a poster for May Day; reporting about the settlement reached between the Chemical Workers Industrial Union and Sasol; "The making of the working class" Part 11 - The ICU collapses; American protests against Apartheid; report about the unions and the motor industry in South Africa.


IMF expels two South African trade unions

Newsletter, No. 23

First part of a history series entitled "The making of the working class", which continued into 1984, and which was compiled by Phil Bonner. This part looked at the resistance of the Khoi.

Newsletter, No. 27

"The making of the working class" Part 4 - The Mining revolution.

Newsletter, No. 31

With photographs from the FOSATU Worker Festival; an interview with a British miner; "The making of the working class" Part 7 - 1907-1922 white workers revolt. Also containing 1 page praise poem to FOSATU, written by Alfred Qabula, together with his manuscript.

Newsletter, No. 32

Including Dunlop strike; "The making of the working class" depicting the slums of Ferreirastown and Sophiatown.

Newsletter, No. 37

Covering the Langa march on 21 March 1985; "The making of the working class" Part 12 - The first Industrial Unions; reporting about the British miners' strike.

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