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A.B. Xuma Papers Fonds
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A.B. Xuma Papers

  • ZA HPRA AD843
  • Fonds
  • 1917 - 1960


AAAR - African Academy of Arts and Research.

AA-ERA + PHM - African Anti-Expropriation Ratepayers Association and Peoples Housing Movement.

AAC - All African Congress.

AANC - All African National Convention.

ABCFM - American Board of Commissions for Foreign Missions.

ABL - African Business League.

ABM - American Board Mission.

ABMA - Abantu-Batho Musical Association.

ABOA - Alexandra Bus Owners' Association.

ACBC - African Council for Boys Clubs.

ACCPWU - African Cement & Cement Products Workers' Union.

ADA - African Dingaka Association.

ACDWU - African Commercial and Distributive Workers' Union.

ADC - African Democratic Council.

ADP - African Democratic Party.

ADSL - African Domestic Servants' League.

AEAW - Association of European and African Women.

AES - Army Educational Services.

ACPWU - African Can and Power Workers' Union.

AHC - Alexandra Health Centre.

AIAC - All-In African Conference.

AIMC - African Independent Mission Church.

AJC - Alexandra Joint Committee.

ALAS - African Life Assurance Society.

AM - Anglican Mission.

AMEC - African Methodist Episcopal Church.

AMS - Adams Mission Station.

AMWU - African Mine Workers' Union.

ANBA - African National Business Association.

ANC - African National Congress.

ANP - Associated Negro Press, Chicago.

ANPC - African National Publishing Company.

ANYIL - African National Youth Improvement League.

AOWU - African Offices Workers' Union.

APDS - African Provident and Development Society.

APO - African People's Organization.

APS - Aborigines Protection Society.

AUCDWC - African United Cultural and Domestic Workers' Club.

A(W)HBFWU - African (Witwatersrand) Hotel, Boarding House & Flat Workers' Union.

AWU - African Workers' Union.

BCHF - Bantu Children's Holiday Fund.

BEMEC - Board of Education, Methodist Episcopal Church.

BFBS - British & Foreign Bible Society.

BFM - Board of Foreign Missions.

BMCJ - Bantu Methodist Church of Johannesburg.

BMHSS - Bantu Methodist Helping Hand Society.

BMSC - Bantu Men's Social Centre.

BSC - Bantu Sports Club.

BSHS - British Social Hygiene School.

BUS - Bantu United School.

BWF - Bantu Welfare Fund.

BWT - Bantu Welfare Trust.

CAA - Council on African Affairs, New York.

CAC - Cape African Congress.

CAB - Coligny Advisory Board.

CRUSC - Crescent Bantu United Sports Club.

CCCC - Central Council for the Care of Cripples.

CCSA - Christian Council South Africa.

CIC - Caledonian Insurance Company.

CN-ETU - Council of Non-European Trade unions.

CPHS - Central Public Health Service.

CPS - Civilian Protective Services.

CFSA - Communist Party of South Africa.

CRJ - Campaign for Right and Justice.

CTSSAC - Cape Town Social Security Action Committee.

DNA - Department of Native Affairs.

DOAA - Daughters of Africa Association.

DOCC - Donaldson Orlando Community Centre.

DPIF - Deferred Pay Interest Fund.

DTCP - Diocesan Training College, Pietersburg.

EAWU - Explosives African Workers' Union.

ENT - Eastern Native Township.

EPBTNA - Eastern Province Bantu Trained Nurses' Association.

ERDBLTA - East Rand District Bantu Lawn Tennis Association.

ERSA - East Rand Students' Association.

EWFC - East & West Friendship Council.

FCCCA - Federal Council of the Churches of Christ in America.

FOA - Friends of Africa.

GALM - Gremio Africano de Lourenco Marques.

GCRC - Good Companions Rover Crew.

GGNWF - Governor General's National War Fund.

GNF - Gesuiwerde Nasionale Party.

GWBTAC - Griqualand West Board of. Executors Trust & Agency Company.

HCT - High Commission Territory.

IAA - Indian Association of America.

ICAA - International Committee on African Affairs.

ICYMCA - International Committee of Young Men's Christian Associations.

IDAMF(IAMF) - Inter-Denominational African Ministers' Federation.

IMC - International Missionary Council.

IPAMA - Inter-Provincial African Ministers' Association.

IOTT - Independent Order of Trus Templars.

JAFA - Johannesburg African Football Association.

JBFA - Johannesburg Bantu Football Association.

JCEAW - Joint Council of European and African Women.

JCN-ETU - Joint Council of Non-European Trade unions.

JDSSU - Johannesburg & District Sunday School Union.

JHSSW - Jan Hofmeyr School of Social Work.

JIMCI - Johannesburg Indian Young Men's Cultural Institute.

JISA - Johannesburg Indian Sports Association.

JJCEA - Johannesburg Joint Council of Europeans and Africans.

JJCEN - Johannesburg Joint Council of Europeans and Natives.

JSAP - Junior South African Party.

JSSAC - Johannesburg Social Security Action Committee.

LABC - Location Advisory Boards Congress.

LSHTM - London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

MC - Methodist Church.

MCCL - Medical Correspondence College, London.

MCSA - Methodist Church of South Africa.

MEC - Methodist Episcopal Church.

MHSW - Mental Hygiene Society of the Witwatersrand.

MLMM - Methodist Laymen's Missionary Movement.

MMF - Milbank Memorial Fund.

MMIC - Methodist Mission Institution, Clarkebury.

MEL - Methodist Men's League.

MMS - Methodist Missionary Society.

MNA - Minister of Native Affairs.

MOH - Medical Officer of Health.

MTOA - Motor Transport Owners' Association.

NAA - Native Administration Act, 1927.

NAACP - National Association for the Advancement of Coloured People.

NAC - Native Affairs Commission.

NALGO - National Association of Land Government Officers.

NAWO - National Anti-Waste Organization.

NBRC - National Bank of the Republic of Chicago.

NC - Native Commissioner.

NCAW - Notional Council of African Women.

NCCL - National Council for Civil Liberties.

NCCW - National Council for Child Welfare.

NCF - Nurses' Christian Fellowship.

NCYMCA - National Council of Young Men's Christian Associations.

NEFC (AES) - New Educational Fellowship Conference (African Education Section).

NEMTEU - Non-European Meat Trades Employees' Union.

NEPT - Non-European Progress Trust.

NEUM - Non-European Unity Movement.

NMC - Native Military Corps.

NOIB - Nederlandse Opleidings Instituut voor het Buitenland.

NPPC - Native Printing and Publishing Company.

NRC - Native Representative Council.

NTLB - Native Trust and Land Bill.

NUAA - Northwestern University Alumni Association.

OFSAHA - Orange Free State African Herbalists' Association.

OFSATA - Orange Free State African Teachers' Association.

OMWA - Orlando Mothers' Welfare Association.

PCN-ETU - Pretoria Council of Non-European Trade Unions.

PJCEN - Pretoria Joint Council of Europeans and Natives.

PLIC - Public Life Insurance Company.

PMCT - Primitive Methodist Churches of the Transvaal.

PWF - Public Welfare Foundation, Inc.

RABA - Reef Advisory Board Association.

RBHA - Rural Bank Health Association.

RCSSA - Ramsey County Sunday School Association.

RES - Royal Empire Society.

RHAWU - Railways and Harbours African Workers' Union.

RIE - Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh.

SAAFA - South African African Football Association.

SABA - South African Association for Burial and Aid.

SACC - South African Cultural Club.

SACIR - South African Council on Induntria1 Relations.

SACWAYWCA - S.A. Council of Word Affiliated Young Women's Christian Associations.

SAFSU - Society of Friends of the Soviet Union.

SAGCC - South African Gifts and Comforts Committee.

SALA - South African Library Association.

SAMC - South African Medical Council.

SANCU - South African Native Co-operative Union.

SANCCW - South African National Council for Child Welfare.

SANTF - South African Native Teachers' Federation.

SAP - South African Police.

SAPA - South African Press Associations.

SAR - South African Railways.

SARH - South African Railways and Harbours.

SASSA - South African Social Security Association.

SCA - Students' Christian Association.

SMFA - Steward Missionary Foundation for Africa.

SSM - Society of the Sacred Mission.

SSASA - Social Services Association of South Africa.

SSVdeP - Society of St Vincent de Paul.

SWA - South West Africa.

SWD - South Western Districts.

TABC - Transvaal African Boys' Clubs.

TAC - Transvaal African Congress.

TASA - Transvaal African Students' Association.

TATA - Transvaal African Teachers' Association.

TATWU - Transvaal African Timber Workers' Union.

TBFA - Transvaal Bantu Football Association.

TBGU - Transvaal Bantu Golf Union.

TBLTU - Transvaal Bantu Lawn Tennis Union.

TCN-ETU - Transvaal Council of Non-European Trade Unions.

TCPA - The Chiefs and Peoples Association.

TED - Transvaal Education Department.

TIAMA - Transvaal Inter-Denominational African Ministers' Association.

TIC - Transvaal Indian Congress.

TI-DMA - Transvaal Inter-Denominational Ministers' Association.

TNC - Transvaal Native Congress.

TNII - Tuskegee Normal and Industrial Institute.

TSCNEB - Transvaal Society for the Care of Non-European Blinds.

TVA - Transkeian Voters' Association.

TWEA - Transvaal Workers' Educational Association.

UDF - Union Defence Force.

UEPI - University Examination Postal Institution.

USPHS - United States Public Health Service.

WAEWF - Welfare of Africans in Europe War Fund.

WASU - West African Students' Union.

WFDY - World Federation of Democratic Youth.

WIAC - Women's International Affairs Club.

WMC - Wesleyan Methodist Church.

WNT - Western Native Township.

WSCF - World Student Christian Federation.

WSE - World Service Exhibition.

WYWCA - World Young Women's Christian Association.

YCL - Young Communist League.

ZCA - Zoutpansberg Cultural Association.

ZYWCA(Tvl) - Zenzele Y.W.C.A. of the Transvaal.