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Impact Visuals, African Activist Archive, University of Connecticut Libraries,

"Impact Visuals was a New York City-based cooperative photo agency dedicated to social documentary photography. Impact Visuals sold pictures taken of the anti-apartheid movement in the United States by independent photographers across the county. Impact Visuals also sold photographs taken of the struggles for independence in Namibia and against apartheid in South Africa. Impact Visuals distributed photographs from Afrapix, a collective of freelance photographers in South Africa operating between 1982-1992."
Source: Impact Visuals, African Activist Archive, University of Connecticut Libraries

Justice and Peace

'Justice and Peace' was formed in response to Vatican II, Pope Paul VI setting up the Pontifical Commission for justice and peace in 1967. A justice and peace group was founded in Johannesburg in 1973/4. ' Justice and Peace' was keenly aware that Apartheid had been a key characteristic of societal imbalances. Apart from its primary focus which was to raise awareness in the Catholic Community, Justice and Peace worked closely with both local and international organisations (religious and lay) who were committed to transforming society through justice and reconciliation.


William Matlala, Photographic collection

The collection of the more than 4000 photographs by the photographer William Matlala also contains a small number by Afrapix photographers Cedric Nunn, Anna Zieminski, Santu Mofokeng and Paul Weinberg.

William Matlala was a freelance photographer specializing in Labour and Trade Union activities, who has served the Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU) in his capacity as photographer particularly in the 1990s.

Domestic Workers

The photographs were used for an Afrapix exhibition entitled "Domestic Workers", with photographs by Giselle Wulfsohn, Paul Weinberg, Santu Mofokeng, Dave Hartman and Guy Tillim.

They are images of domestic workers at work, during their time off, in their own homes, and attending Centres where they learned sewing and other skills. Also included are photos of meetings of the South African Domestic Workers Union (SADWU), which was formed in November 1986, combining five domestic workers unions to one strong national trade union.

All our Children

All our Children: Photo Exhibition

The exhibition was a joint project between Afrapix and Vumani. The images are of children of all races and from different socio-economic backgrounds. They depict living conditions in rural and urban environments in the 1980s, and some depict social upheaval.

The contributing photophers were: Gill de Vlieg, Paul Grendon, Steve Hilton-Barber, Chris Ledochowski, Pax Magwaza, Roger Meintjies, Santu Mofokeng, Eric Miller, Cedric Nunn, Guy Tillim, Paul Weinberg and Anna Zieminski. The pictures were printed by Graham Goddard and compiled by Chris Ledochowski.

Beyond the Barricades

Beyond the Barricades: Popular Resistance in South Africa in the 1980s

This exhibition (Editors, Omar Badsha, Gideon Mendel and Paul Weinberg) is an important collection of photographs by twenty South African photographers, mainly from the photographic collective, Afrapix. Both, the exhibition and subsequent book, have become an indispensable anthology of popular resistance in South Africa during the 1980’s. The collection highlights one of the longest and bloodiest periods of political resistance to apartheid, a time of mass mobilization and brutal repression when taking of images was often a matter of life and death.

Health Care in South Africa

The exhibition was a collaborative project between Afrapix and Critical Health, sponsored by MEDICO and printed by Graham Goddard.

Volume 2

Compilation of case studies in social development in West Africa, 1974, 159 pages, Copies located in: Stanford, Calif.; Yale; Northwestern, Illinois; University of Illinois, Urbana; Boston University

  • Case Studies from Ghana, by Y.Shamoah (English)
  • Case Studies from Sierra Leone, by Mrian J.T.Kamara (English)
  • Case Studies from Togo, by H.Eklou (French)
  • Case Studies from Madagascar, by M.Monteiro (French)
  • French Translations of Case Studies from East Africa (Volume One):
  • Case Studies from Ethiopia, by Seyoum Gebra Selassie
  • Case Studies from Kenya, by J.S.Nyaribo
  • Case Studies from Malawi, by R.Manda
  • Case Studies from Mauritius, by E.Roche
  • Case Studies from Tanzania, by P.J.Mhaiki
  • Case Studies from Uganda, by G.M.Ssenkoloto
  • Case Studies from Zambia, by V.G.Nyirenda

Relationship between social work education and national social development planning. 2nd ASWEA conference Lome, Togo, 1974, 69 pages, Copies located in: Library of Congress, Washington D.C.; Northwestern University, Illinois; Michigan State, Michigan; Baker & Taylor Inc. Tech Serv and Prod dev., North Carolina; Columbia University, N.Y.; Hunter College, N.Y.; Case Western Reserve, Ohio; Bibliotheque Universitaire de Metz, France.

Curricula of Schools of Social Work and Community Development Training Centres in Africa Ethiopia, 1974, 127 pages, Copies located in: Library of Congress, Washington D.C.; Boston Univ. Cape Town

Directory of social welfare activities in Africa. 3rd Edition, Ethiopia, 1975, 126 pages, Copies located in: Northwestern Uni., Ill.

Report of ASWEA’s workshop on “Techniques of teaching and methods of field work evaluation”. Proceedings of the Debre Zeit Workshop, Ethiopia, 1975, 85 pages, Copies located in: Northwestern Univ., Ill.; Library of Congress, Washington D.C.; University of Illinois, Ill.

Investigation Diary

Pages 1-6 of the Investigation Diary into the death of Ahmed Timol at the John Vorster Square police station, listing the events and names of officials who submitted affidavits, as well as other items which would become Exhibits. All entries with dates, 28 October - 3 December 1971

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