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My Dossier' Autobiography of Noel Roberts

An account of Roberts' life including reminiscences of his childhood in Lydenburg and Potchefstroom, his teaching and other experiences during the Boer war, theological training in Canterbury, ministry in Pietersburg and Orchards in Johannesburg, service during the First Word War, ministry in Lichtenburg, Heidelberg and Nigel.

The account is illustrated with photographs and contains information on natural history and ethnology- subjects in which Roberts took an informed interest.


Occasional entries: begins when he is on leave at Rustenburg from the Boer Army. He is recalled to take his father-in-law's place in the Commissariat with the Boer commandos besieging Mafeking; comments on skirmish with Plumer's men: many references to 'Kaffir' men and women being shot when trying to escape from Mafeking; Meyer's Laager say they will leave fort if not reinforced; May 11, Kreigsraad decide to abandon storming of Mafeking but later in the day this order is reversed, the attack goes on, is unsuccessful and many killed and taken prisoner; on 17 May hear Mafeking has been relieved and they abandon the lager and trek; General Snyman tries unsuccessfully to rally the Boers and retreat becomes a rout with burgers dispersing to their homes; 14 June, English under Baden Powell enter Rustenburg and he surrenders his arms and ammunition; agrees to do translating work for the English but on 3 July English leaves in a hurry and on 7th Boers rehold the town but only for two hours when they are driven off by Australians.

English start to fortify Rustenburg in case of siege but on 6 August English leave for Pretoria and he decides to accompany them; 14 September goes to work in Surveyor General's Office and works there till 31 October.

At back of diary are notes on donkeys, financial notes and accounts with George A. Greathead, Florence Schoch and Helene Retief.

Film 18

Including hanging of Africans carried out in Rhodesia; African Eating house; Burger Camp pass, 1902; Chinese eating; African musicians at compound; rickshaws; Chinese Opera on the Rand, Randfontein Gold mine; Chinese police drill; Chinese barber shop; Chinese staff of a cook house; Indian trader; Chinese compound at Simmer & Jack gold mine; African wedding party; E.R.P.M. Club house; Chinese workers arrival on the mines

Film 10

Including Chinese arrival on the mines (several book illustrations); a Johannesburg African township; Van Ryn Estates 1904, Chinese mine workers leaving; Commissioner street, 1888; Stead's Meat market; Newtown market; Indian bakery; Indians arriving in Durban; Chinese police at Simmer & Jack mine; Indian pedlar, 1895, Chinese wrestling

Film 30

Including images from the Johannesburg and Pretoria Guide with first camp at Ferreirastown, Barrow Green Tea room, published 1905; images from strike album, published 1913 with Maxim Gun, funeral procession, strike committee; Johannesburg in 1886; mail and passenger coach arriving in Johannesburg, 1889; Newtown Market interior, 1889; first train in Johannesburg, 1893; Park station, 1892; opening of first mines, 1886; at the bottom of Robinson Deep Gold mine, 1887; African workers at 'Native Labour' compound; African 'house boy', 1900; Johannsburg bar; compound at New Primrose mine; water carriers in early Johannesburg, 1892; early African locations; laundry in the early 1890s; African mine workers depicted taking a shower at Crown Mines, n.d.; Struben's old farm, n.d.; Indian women at market; Johannesburg dust storm; dressed up African servant; skittle-pool playing at African mining compound; washing place; Begbie & Co moulding shop; first open surface mining work on the Rand, no dates

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