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South African Police, Van Reenen records
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R. C. I. Returns

Register of charges investigated from December 1921 to October 1922 containing charge, value stolen, value recovered, investigation officer and their remarks.

Lost and Found Lists

Lists of absconders, persons and information wanted, lists of lost and stolen miscellaneous property, lists of lost and stolen jewellery, lists of lost and stolen bicycles, motor cycles, motor care and accessories, lists of stolen animals.


O. F. S. Police. Criminal Investigations Dept.

Information on persons wanted for crime, persons missing and whereabouts wanted in O. F. S. and other provinces, lost and stolen stock and property lost and found, cancellations.

Charge Sheets

Charge sheets with particulars - name, address, nationality of accused, charge, person charging, exhibits, value and description of property stolen and recovered, officer in charge and result of trial.

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