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Culture and Resistance Symposium Collection

  • ZA SAHA AL2596
  • Archief
  • 5 - 9 July 1982

The Culture and Resistance Symposium was held in Gaborone from 5-9 July 1982. The symposium and the accompanying exhibition and festival of South African Arts was an initiative of a number of South African artists living in Botswana. They felt a need to establish contacts and exchange ideas and experiences with other South African cultural workers. The theme for the symposium ("Culture and Resistance") arose out of their need to discuss the artists' position within the milieu in which they found themselves.

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International Socialists South Africa (ISSA) Collection

  • ZA SAHA AL2610
  • Archief
  • 1991 - 1996

This collection contains the booklet "What we stand for" and copies of The Socialist (Nov/Dec 1991, Feb/March 1992, April/May 1992, June/July 1992, June/July 1993, Aug/Sept 1993, undated no. 14, undated no. 16, Aug/Sept 1994. Later The Socialist became The Socialist Worker (Oct 1994, Sept 1994, March 1995, Aug 1995, Oct 1995, May/June 1996).

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ZAPU/Zenzo Nkobi Oral History Project Collection

  • ZA SAHA AL3291
  • Archief
  • 2010 - 2011

This collection consists of audio-recordings and transcripts of interviews conducted with ZAPU survivors and other individuals portrayed in the Zenzo Nkobi images in SAHA collection AL3265 to source a more accurate and detailed analogy of events experienced by these individuals within the Zimbabwe African People's Union (ZAPU) and its armed wing the Zimbabwe People's Revolutionary Army (ZPRA) during that period, as well as their understanding of the role played by ZAPU in achieving independence in Zimbabwe. The interviewees are David Beer, Sibongile Khumalo (pseudonym), Dumiso Dabengwa, Benjamin Dube, Richard Dube, Charles Madonko, Caroline Mhlanga, Christopher Moyo, Jack Mpofu, Edward Nare, Mtshana Ncube, Longman Ndebele, Callistus Ndlovu, Moses Mzila-Ndlovu, Parks Ndlovu, Regina Ndlovu, Amos Ngwenya, Thomas Ngwenya, Meeting Nkala, Abraham Nkiwane, Zephaniah Nkomo, Percious Nleya, Grace Noko, Elingworth Poli and Cetshwayo Sithole.

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GETNET collection

  • ZA SAHA AL3298
  • Archief
  • 1992-2014

The collection consists of a digital archive covering the organisational operations of GETNET, its work in respect of gender training workshops, research papers, publications and training materials to name but a few of the materials within this collection. The collection further consists of a material based archive which still requires processing before it will be accessible to the public.

A Getnet

A1 Profile

A1.1 Organisational overview from website

A2 Constitution

A3 Annual reports

A4 Audits

A4.1 GETNET Annual Financial Statements

A4.2 Funder project specific Annual Financial Statements

A5 Board

A6 Funders

A6.1 Funding proposals

A6.2 Funding agreements

A6.3 Funder reports

A7 Strategy and Plans

A7.1 Civil Society Consultation

A8 Budgets

A9 Evaluation

A10 Accreditation

A11 NPO Status

A11.1 Tax exemption

A12 Organisational Development

A13 Tenders

B Programmes

B1 Overview of Programmes

B2 Gender

B2.1 Conferences, Papers, Presentations

B2.2 Gender Mainstreaming Reports

B2.3 Gender Budgeting

B2.4 Miscellaneous

B3 Men and Masculinities

B3.1 Conferences, Papers, Presentations

B3.2 Programme plans and reports

B3.3 Miscellaneous

B4 Panel Training


B6 Local Government

B6.1 Conferences, Papers, Presentations

B6.2 Programme plans

B6.3 Women and elections

B6.4 SALGA working group

B7 Economic Literacy

C Training materials

C1 Gender Awareness

C1.1 Workshop Tools

C2 Gender and Organisational Change

C3 Men and Masculinities

C4 Panel Training

C5 Gender Mainstreaming

C6 Local Government

C6.1 Workshop Tools

C7 Gender Budgeting

C8 Training of Trainers

C9 Gender and HIV/AIDS

C10 Economic Literacy

C11 Other

C11.1 Diversity

C11.2 Sexual Harassment

C11.3 Lobbying and advocacy

C12 Non-GETNET materials

C12.1 Workshop Guides and Tools

C12.2 Readings

D Publications

D1 Conference reports

D2 Newsletters

D3 Training manuals

D4 Research Papers

D5 Presentations

D6 Gender Audits

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Freedom of Information Programme Collection

  • ZA SAHA AL2878
  • Archief
  • 1980 -1990

The Freedom of Information Programme (FOIP) collection comprises copies of materials released
pursuant to the Promotion of Access to Information Act (PAIA). The collection includes apartheid
era security establishment records, documents created by the South African government bodies
and agencies post- apartheid, and documents from several private bodies. It also contains
documentation of the collection process. Special Projects, undertaken by the South African
History Archive (SAHA) to test the parameters of freedom of information in South Africa, include
materials relating to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) in particular sensitive
materials; gays in the apartheid military; South African Defence Force (SADF), the apartheid
government's nuclear weapon programme; HIV/AIDS policies and implementation thereof of
private bodies and parastatals; the health and environmental impacts of the nuclear energy
industry, and documents relating to migration to and within RSA

South African History Archive

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