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Representations January-September 1979

  • ZA HPRA A2084-A-Aa-Aa1-Aa1.2-Aa1.2.4-Aa1.2.4.1
  • Bestanddeel
  • January-September 1979
  • Part of Helen Suzman Papers

12/06/1979: correspondence between Helen Suzman and Minister Kruger [who now addresses her as "Dear Helen"] concerning a criminal prisoner with an artificial leg and Helen Suzman also thanks Kruger for allowing Mrs. Amiel to bring her grandson to SA to visit his father [Alex Moumbaris] at Pretoria Central; Helen Suzman also refers to Enoch Duma's application for a passport.

20/06/1979: Helen Suzman writes first letter to new Minister of Police, Louis le Grange — "Dear Louis, An early beginning to our relationship!".

09/07/1979: letter concerning Diliza Benedict Matshoba who had been sentenced for possessing banned books and now the Security Police won't let him go back to Soweto to live with his mother despite the fact that he has a job with Anglo.

23/07/79-30/10/79: Letter from Minister Le Grange concerning Diliza Matshoba's release and resettlement in Mdantsane by the Dept. of Cooperation & Development; Le Grange says "Your inference that his removal was on the instructions of the Security Branch is therefore unfounded. I may add however that in retrospect our Dept. fully endorses the action of the Dept. of Cooperation & Development." There are also some letters about the "harassment" of the owner of 'Pic a Movie'.

09/07/79-06/11/ 79: correspondence concerning continuing assaults on prisoners at St. Alban's Prison.

24/07/79-18/12/79: correspondence concerning the South African government denying UN employee and SA citizen Diana Boernstein (formerly Hermans) renewal of her passport; she was a producer and researcher on the UN film "White Laager"'.

Representations July-December 1982

  • ZA HPRA A2084-A-Aa-Aa1-Aa1.2-Aa1.2.6-Aa1.2.6.2
  • Bestanddeel
  • July-December 1982
  • Part of Helen Suzman Papers

11/08/82: letter from Mrs. Gertrude Mazwai, mother of Thami Mazwai, who is in Leeukop Prison for refusing to testify, asking about possible remission of sentence and asking Helen Suzman to visit the prison to "boost their [the prisoner's] morale"; "We all appreciate your stand and we hope you will keep on fighting, BRAVO, thank you."; Helen Suzman reply dated 23/08/82.

23/09/82: letter from Neil Aggett's parents, Joyce and Aubrey thanking Helen Suzman for forwarding an anonymous donor's cheque towards their legal expenses.

(no date): cutting about Helen Suzman speaking in parliament about the death of Neil Aggett.

(no date): 17 page handwritten speech headed "No confidence debate (Aggett Inquest) H. Suzman".

Representations January-July 1984

  • ZA HPRA A2084-A-Aa-Aa1-Aa1.2-Aa1.2.8-Aa1.2.8.1
  • Bestanddeel
  • January-July 1984
  • Part of Helen Suzman Papers

06/02/84: letter to Helen Suzman from Molly Blackburn, Member of the Cape Provincial Council, about the sudden and summary removal of 5 'political violence' prisoners from St. Alban's Prison to Victor Verster.

May 1984: letters from Lt. General W.H. Willemse, the Commissioner of Prisons and Helen Suzman about her visit to Robben Island and her intention to visit other prisons.

Representations January-February 1985

  • ZA HPRA A2084-A-Aa-Aa1-Aa1.2-Aa1.2.9-Aa1.2.9.1
  • Bestanddeel
  • January-February 1985
  • Part of Helen Suzman Papers

August 1984 — January 1985: letters concerning a group that had attempted to cross to Botswana (through a border post) to attend a meeting of the Southern Africa Arts Trust Fund and were harassed by a border official and then a security policeman; people involved were Bill Ainslie, Nadine Gordimer, Colin Smuts, James Matthews & Zakes Mofokeng.

06/02/85: Copy of letter to Robert McNamara [whom Helen Suzman had met whilst on a visit to the US]in Washington DC concerning the political situation in SA; third paragraph: "I must say I really could weep when I think of all the lost years in which SA could have been using to the full all her human resources, could have become the workshop of Africa, and could have retained her place in the Western community of nations. If only, if only Smuts had not the lost the 1948 General Election." Comments on Robert Kennedy's visit to SA: ""... really rather a circus ... [he met] only the extremes at both ends of the political spectrum." She goes on that Blacks now lump capitalism together with apartheid. The economy is in a great mess "but I am firmly of the opinion that it would be absolutely disastrous to make this situation worse by advocating either divestment or disinvestment from South Africa ... I know I do not make myself popular on campuses when I advance this view, but I really do believe in it.".

06-22/02/85: letters from and to the Attorney General Mr. Klaus P.C.O. von Lieres und Wilkau concerning assaults on squatters, 8 journalists and a reverend at Katlehong and the AG's decision not to prosecute those responsible.

Representations November-December 1985

  • ZA HPRA A2084-A-Aa-Aa1-Aa1.2-Aa1.2.9-Aa1.2.9.6
  • Bestanddeel
  • November-December 1985
  • Part of Helen Suzman Papers

15/11/85: statement from Peter Soal (PFP) and Marius Barnard (NP) on the bad condition of young detainees at Johannesburg Prison (224 of them) and Modderbee (83) where it's even worse.

02/12/85: notes about visit to Pretoria Central political prisoners — names mentioned include Rob Adam, Dieter Gerhardt and 'the women".

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