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Papers of John Gaspard Gubbins
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To Mr. Dunn

Re results of enquiry from Mr. Parker, van der Kemp's marriage certificate and Josiah Tyler's "Forty years among the Zulus".

To Mr. Dunn

Re contract signed with Universities, Gubbins library as separate entity accessible to all members of the community regardless of race, colour or politics.

To Rheinallt Jones

Re cataloguing of Gubbins Library, valuation and option to purchase at market value if Gubbina died; Colenso native things printed and annotated by the Bishop; Genadendal - first Moravian Mission items.

To Raikes

Re collection of literature on mining in S.A. for mining congress; Pretoria already has strong nucleus of material, so greater the Johannesburg claim; Fouchê and A.E. du Toit interested in three dimensional thinking idea; Rev. Noel Roberts has outstanding stuff to lend University - sacred crocodile of Bagananoa and 5 divination drums, 300 years old.

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