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South African Police, Van Reenen records
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Patrol Reports

Monthly Patrol Reports from October 1916 to August 1924 at Van Reenen Area, Harrismith District 33, with number of patrols, number of farms visited, mileage, grand total of N. C. O's average miles and men on station per man per diem, mounted, with special instructions to patrol and patrol's remarks on visits.

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Desertion of service, common assault, stock theft, pound ordinance1911, entering Colony without pass, absent without leave, malicious injury to property, refusing to work, trespass, clothing and mealiemeal theft, failing to commence work, wife's desertion of kraal, absconding from government service, death due to dysentery.

Charge Sheets

Charge sheets with particulars - name, address, nationality of accused, charge, person charging, exhibits, value and description of property stolen and recovered, officer in charge and result of trial.

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Preparation of blood smears, supply return, native police return off son to native mother, free telephone connections, special constables, mess accounts, certificates to deal in poisons, trees for police stations, scab infected sheep on farm 'Tiger Kloof', fingerprint instructions, horse sickness, uniforms for special constables, supplies, death of special police horse, vet. history sheets, vet stores, value of police horses board, closing of RCI dockets, scale of supplies to animals, return of dipping tanks, re-engagements, defacing of stamps for pay-sheet receipts, recruits for SAP, distinguishing collar letters and numerals, exchange transfers, farm register, horse rugs, Union expeditionary force for Europe, African Oversee Contingent, daily patrol mileage, branding and tattooing of horses, export of maize to Holland, parliamentary elections, repairs and care of Duplex machine, Land Bank v. W. J. van Zyl, forage, P. W. Dept., furniture, dress, applications for inmates from Diepkloof Reformatory, special constables.

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Regulations under Section 7 of Criminal Justice Administration Act No. 40, extension of service time, widths and types of gates, assisting of weights and measures - US, payment to acting police during absence of leave, amended inventory for equipment, rental, motor car ordinance 1913, furniture - P. W. Dept., number of children present in District, outstanding warrant returns, births and deaths registration - police assistance, recruits for SAP, May monthly report, District Sports Club, safes, German and Austrian reservists in the Union, mobilisation affecting Van Reenen, curtailment of expenditure, complaints, tattooing of police animals, death of constable, precautions against tulip poisoning, signboards, recruiting for Gen. Botha's Force, horses and mules roster, out hay issue, death of police horse.

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