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General: alphabetical G - I

Includes: 12/06 Helen Suzman letter to Dr. Joan Gardiner about arrest of her (Gardiner's) son John and the goings-on at St. George's Cathedral, Cape Town [apparently students — whites - arrested and beaten inside the church after demonstrating on the steps outside]; November 1971-March 1972 correspondence concerning an application to visit her son (Denis) in prison by Mrs. A. Goldberg; 28/08 letter from Themba [Harry?] Gwala (released in May 1972) about prevailing conditions on Robben Island and the SA political situation in general; August-September 1972 letters from Reverend Frank Haythornthwaite, Vicar General of the Diocese of Damarland, about people on trial in South-West Africa, detainees, bannings and the events at Epinga in Ovamboland when people were killed and wounded.

General: alphabetical J - K

Includes: 23/06/1972 letter from Mr. C.W. Jacobs with attached newspaper cutting about Shanti Naidoo's exit permit, Father Cosmas Desmond and Robert Sobukwe; June & September correspondence concerning medical facilities for 'Indians' and 'Coloureds' in Klerksdorp and application to open a surgery there by a Dr. M.A. Jeeva (currently 'monopolised' by the Minty family); 08/02 letter to Helen Suzman from former sister-in-law of Helen Joseph, Norah Joseph; 04/07 Helen Suzman letter to E.J. Kahn (New York) re his book and also commenting on her recent visit to African states and current political situation in SA; December 1971 "A Program of Action against the illegal occupation of Namibia by the South African Government presented to the Congressional Black Caucus of the Congress of the United States by the Provisional Government of Namibia" — document sent to Helen Suzman by Mr. Mburumba Kerina of the Namibian Observer Mission to the United Nations.

General: alphabetical Mid - Myb

Includes: 06/06 [?] angry letter from "conservative, short-hair and apathetic" student Simon Middleton, Rhodes University, about current political situation in SA and police action against students in Cape Town; March-July 1972 correspondence concerning the passport applications of the minor (9 and 8 years old) children of Mosie Moolla (the grandfather is Yunus Saloojee) which the Minister of the Interior refused, saying that he was only prepared to give them exit permits; May-June refusal of visa to German missionary (in SA, Venda, for 17 years previously) Rev. Christian Fobbe [letters mention that Fobbe accompanied "the famous anti-Nazi priest Pastor Martin Niemoller "when he visited SA in 1966]; 07/01 letter from J. Moseki and S. Montoedi re Majeng removals; September 1972 Helen Suzman vs Sam Moss on the matter of hostels in Alexandra — letters to the newspapers + cuttings.

General: alphabetical N - O

Includes: 14/07/1972 copy of State Attorney's letter to solicitor Raymond Tucker concerning Shanti Naidoo; June / July & December 1972 correspondence from NICRO (National Institute for crime Prevention & Rehabilitation of Offenders) re prisons; 09/03 Helen Suzman to Mr. Charles Njonjo, Atoned General, Kenya re visa for Mrs. Gertrude Mervis, wife of Sunday Times editor Joel Mervis, to visit her daughter (Mrs. Ann Curtin) in Nairobi; 09/10 NUSAS invites Helen Suzman to be an Honorary Vice-President for 1972-1973, Helen Suzman replies: "... I would like ... to express my admiration for the devoted and unremitting work done by Nusas in the interests of academic freedom and a just society in South Africa."; December 1971 & January 1972 Helen Suzman letters to "Gaby", Baroness Oppenheim, mentions "the Tschumi brothers" who were refused permanent residence in SA.

General: alphabetical R - Sh

Includes: April 1972 cable to Helen Suzman from W.J. Ravenscroft, Umkomaas, (re the Budget Debate in Parliament and how the Government and Opposition conducted themselves): "Tell them reported insulting name calling in hate campaign damned disgrace expected from schoolboys not so-called national leaders neither party fit to rule laughing stock of nation"; December 1972 John Rees of the SACC writes to Helen Suzman about the work that prisoners, including Nelson Mandela, have to do on Robben Island; 25/02 letter from a Mr. V. Rudaizky of Photra Ltd., about a "foreign Bantu", Mr. Johannes Ncube — in continuous employment in SA for 41 years — who is not allowed to rent a municipal house for himself and his family; 14/07 letter from Mr. S.M. Seftel, Windhoek, about the "killings of 8 Ovambo men at Ondobe and Epinga at the beginning of the year" and what has occurred since then; December 1971, January 1972, August 1972 correspondence between Helen Suzman and G.C. Senn [former ICRC "rep" in Southern Africa] — they are both clearly dissatisfied both with his replacement and with prison situation in SA — Helen Suzman saying "Surely, since he is about to retire ... he might strike a blow for liberty ... and just for once put diplomatic skill to one side."; 26/01 letter from R. Short, Society of Friends (Quakers), concerning Section 6 of the "Terrorism Act" (detentions), BOSS, habeas corpus and other matters.

General: alphabetical A - C

Includes: 20/11/1073 a handwritten letter in Yiddish or German to "Meine Liebe (illegible) Cousine Helen"; 05/05/1973 a poem from David Arbuthnot on the use of firearms by police; 29/05 letter from The Architectural Press about whether the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) should continue to maintain a 'special relationship' with SA; 04/04 Antonio Bomba writes c/o Mobil Oil, Lourenco Marques, about a birth certificate for his wife; 15/05 Helen Suzman letter to Geoff Budlender expressing strong views on the SAIRR's decision, which she would like reversed, to give evidence voluntarily to the Schlebusch Commission; Helen Suzman letter to a Mrs. Button about continuing hostility between the PP and the UP; 14/08 Helen Suzman writes to a Mr. A. Cahill setting out her views on drugs (dagga); 03/01 Salim Carrim writes about the continued lack of housing for Indians in Brits; 23/05 letter from Mr. Chetty of the SA Soccer Federation; September 1972 & January 1973 letters of recommendation to Oxford for Ken Costa.

General: alphabetical F - G

Includes: 08/10 letter to Herbert Frankel in which she says: "The Carltonville shootings were a most unfortunate affair, more particularly as it took place on a mine where the owners are genuinely trying to do something about improving wages. I suppose this all has something to do with what the Americans call the revolution of rising expectations, and we would do very well to anticipate further flash points of violence, and, if nothing else, at least have our trigger happy police trained in methods of crowd control."; 28/06 Mr. Arthur Gama, previously banished to Ilinge, writes to say he can now return to his wife in Mdantsane; April-May letters and a manifesto (Xhosa and English) from Mr. Stanley Gantsho who stood as a candidate in Glen Grey during Ciskeian elections; August-September letters from Laurie Gandar, one asking if she can help them get a phone and the corruption that is rife in that area; 24/09 copy of letter sent to Allan Graham concerning heavy-handed actions by the police against surfers in Jeffreys Bay due to association between surfing and dagga; January-August 1973 correspondence concerning labour for the Grinaker Construction Company in the Ciskei.

General: alphabetical H - J

Includes: 24/04 Michael Harris sends copy of resolution passed by the UCT SRC concerning Helen Suzman; 20/12 letter from Ronald Harwood; July 1972-January 1973 correspondence re permission for Professor J.P. de V. Hendrickse (originally a Coloured South African, now British Citizen with a white wife) to visit SA with his family from Nigeria; 09/12/1973 thank-you letter from released prisoner Baruch Hirson; 08/01 letter of thanks from Ahmad Tehrani, Imperial Consulate of Iran; June-November re permanent residence permit for George H. Jay.

General: alphabetical N - O

Includes: 01/08/1973 Helen Suzman letter to Natal Daily News putting forward P.P. attitude to Communists; 03/08 NUSAS (Geoff Budlender) invites Helen Suzman to again be their Honorary VP; 03/03 Sister M. O'Reilly of the Holy Rosary Convent writes with her suggestions on "Community Centres for Bantu Servants"; 09/01 Helen Suzman letter to Mark Orkin, Oxford, "I anticipate a very unpleasant year indeed, with repeat police / student confrontations on an even more violent basis than last year; very ugly indeed."; 12/12 Maeder Osler sends Helen Suzman a 2-page document quoting some of the things she has said about dagga.

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