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South African Police, Van Reenen records
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Common assault, absence without leave, malicious injury to property, pass law, inward pans law, East coast fever regulations, contra-dagga ordinance, stock theft, withholding wages, common theft, cruelty to animals, theft of revolver and ground sheet, dog tax, murder, trespass, kaffir beer law, housebreaking and theft, assault with intent, rape, railways and harbours regulations.

Charge Sheets

Charge sheets with particulars - name, address, nationality of accused, charge, person charging, exhibits, value and description of property stolen and recovered, officer in charge and result of trial.

Divisional - Pietermaritzburg

The searching of prisoners, instructions regarding persons sent to hospital by the police, application for enrolment for Force, promotion examination, standing orders - Criminal Investigation Dept., medical health.


Instructions for the compilation of criminal statistics, equipment, tax collection, shoeing, preparation for transfers, financial instructions, Van Reenen Gymkhana Club, recruits wanted, horses, buildings occupied by police, free issue of clothing, pay, general report - flour mills, theft of saddlery, forage - SAMR, Natives Land Commission, Post-Commandant's rent, divisional police sports, sale of noxious drugs.


Subsistence allowance, movements of cattle in districts whore East Coast fever have occurred, anthrax - Rensburgkop, closing of financial year, private trunk calls from official telephones, discipline, issue of provincial railway warrants, shortage of foot police, distinguishing collar and letter numerals, duties performed for other government departments, economy in the use of stationery, uniform allowance, control and suppression of stock diseases, dog training course - Irene, ration allowance in police lock-ups, attestations and re-engagements, criminal procedure, post and personal equipment, police duties, leave forms, allowances for meals supplied, lending of books from magistrates libraries to police prosecutors, issue to pound-masters, admission of guilt, financial instruction No-32 and No. 27, shooing of police horses, transfer of prisoners, summary of Children's Protection Act No. 25 of 1913, standing committees, retirements onattaining age limits, plain clothes constables, 10% concession granted by Aberdeen Line, exhibits in criminal cases, SAP OrphanageFund in No. 28 District, 1914-15 Star, trial of members of the Force, proof of membership, recruiting for SAP, Kestell Cup Shooting Trophy, arrest of persons on suspicion, medical. examination for applicantsto SAP, arrest of natives for politicaloffences, leave applications, application for Post Commander's allowance, criminal cases where policedogs are employed, criminal statistics, cost of living allowance.


Offer of rewards by members of the Force, destruction of locusts, instructions to patrol, extraneous appointments, masters and servants cases, lost stop order, cancellation of leave, criminal statistics, industrial crisis - S.A. 1922, removal of restrictions on grant of vacation leave, Forum 5/65-5/66 and 5/69, transport, shoeing of police animals, cigarette excise and surtax duties, promotion examinations, British War and Victory medals, railage of furniture - transfer of SAP members, horses sent into Bloemfontein for casting, treatment etc., card register for owners and occupiers of farms, use of privately owned vehicles, lose of public funds, illicit immigration of Asiatic into Union, motor car ordinance, travelling criminals, incremental pay.

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