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Papers of John Gaspard Gubbins
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From Carleton Tufnell

Agrees Baden Powell map should be given to the Boy Scouts, but in South Africa; Maj. Gubbins agreeable to Richard Gubbins' letters being sold to the University; suggests writing to Mrs A. Jeffreys re the 'Grove' and S.S. Garland; glad payment may be made soon for John Gubbins' letters.

From W. Gubbins

Coming to Johannesburg. Would like to see Uncle's collection at University, bringing photograph of father and mother.

From George Findlay

No details on Gubbins' legal education; Gubbins came to see his collection of family letters and contacts of Findlay and Schreiner families. Lent him Rebecca Schreiner album, which unfortunately perished in the fire.

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