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Silas Thelensho Molema and Solomon Tshekisho Plaatje Papers With digital objects
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Plaatje, S T, To Bra [Silas Molema, Mafeking]

Dennison who has previously spoken out for them at elections is bankrupt; asks him to speak for them and also to approach someone called Aldred; regrets that Chief Lekoko has not helped him and that he [Molema] has not sent his biographical sketch of Ma Siako. typed letter signed. 1p. Photocopy (original with Molema family).

Plaatje, S T, Kimberley. To Chief Silas Molema, [Mafeking]

Regrets that his time has been wasted by coming to Mafeking to see the Chief; reports that Mr Welsh will be going to Mafeking, and that he states that their land does not belong to them but on migrating to the south the Baralong were diverted to the east by the Matabele War; they then killed the Hottentots living in the mountains and as a result they are now being penalised:

Plaatje refutes argument stating that the land from Mafeking to Lohurutse belongs to the Baralong and Bangwaketse; blood was not shed deliberately but caused by provocation of the Matabele; they fought together with the Boers to expel the Matabele, yet now the Boers are troubling them.

Plaatje, S T, Kimberley. To Chief Silas Molema, Mafeking

Jewish traders want to make a deal with Mr Mbelle who in away so he has referred them to him; they want to buy cattle for slaughtering and want a trustworthy man to work with them and will pay him per head of cattle; they want a large quantity and hope to persuade the Bechuanaland Protectorate chiefs to give them the monopoly; he will be interested to hear that they know Gordon and want to compete with him; he will have to bargain for a price but they are not stingy with money; the runners will be paid monthly and not per head of cattle.

Plaatje, S T, Kimberley. To Chief Silas Molema, [Mafeking]

Has given a letter of introduction to the cattle buyer; while in Mafeking visited his home to find out why he had not written; wan told by Molema's wife that Mr Slaughter would not be able to come because of urgent husineas in Johannesburg; was worried about his appointment with him and the collection of the Barolong; there in drought all over; is wondering about their agreement about the type.

Plaatje, S T, Kimberley. To Bra [Silas Molema, Mafeking]

Regrets that all donations could not he announced at the ceremony, but they will be announced at the next rally; the Chief should send a wire by Tuesday so that it can be announced with Mr Minchin's donation; in Mr Boyes' speech he mentioned Chiefs Montsioa and Kgama and they should therefore wire money; refers to trouble caused by Boyce Skota who, supported by Mr [E] Barrett of the Department of Native Affairs, proposed that the money collected should be given to the latter; they want to turn the Black people away from him and not support his activities; the situation became dangerous but Rosane, Makapela and Mr Mbelle and Christian ministers supported him as well as the Governor [-General, Lord Buxton]; his opponents were Boyce Skota, Ko-Kozela? James Ngcezula and the Wesleyan preachers Sidlai and Diphuko; regrets Chief Joshua's illness.

Plaatje, S T, Johannesburg. To Bra [Silas Molema, Mafeking]

Attended the meeting and is sending him the newspaper reports; regrets that he lost the Tsala [ea Batho] after it had been built up with so much difficulty; if he had not gone to England it would not have ceased publication; this time he will not go unless he is given 1000; the Mbelle children are with him on their way to Lovedale.

Plaatje, S T, Kimberley. To Bra [Silas Molema, Mafeking]

Wrote the previous month about the Chief's accounts in Johannesburg, the Barolong message from England and the interpretation for Hae Kortong; is disappointed that he has not replied; the Barolong need to be compelled and asks whether the Barolong of Thaba Nchu would accept an agreement with the British Government as it must be presented as if all the Tswana are in agreement; his family are all sick; the natives in the Cape are preparing for the peace conference and they are the only ones who are lagging behind.

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