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South African History Archive (SAHA) PLANACT Collection
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File 2

Includes: Paper on The Economics of Structures of Decentralisation, Oct 1991.

File 1

Includes: Department of Local Government Briefing and Proposals, 12 January 1994; Paper on Local Government in Transition and the Options for Interim Administrative Arrangements,; Paper on Local Government Submission.

File 5

Includes: Kimberley City Council Position Paper on Negotiations and the Role of the Civic Associations in the Local Government Process; Paper on Local Government : A Broad Overview; Paper on A New System of Local Government for South Africa: Summary Statement; WBS Report for Planact on Local Government Staffing and Training.

File 7

Includes: Municipal Development Programme-Local Government Perspectives Newsletter, November 1994; Local Government Affairs Council, Lenasia South East Executive Committee Meeting: Notice and Agenda, 10 August 1994.

File 1

Includes: Planact Local Govt Unit Fax on the Notice of Working Group 1 Meeting, May 3 1993; Planact's Rabie Ridge Workshop on Local Government and Electricity, 10 November 1990; Planact's Paper on An Introduction to Issues of Municipal Finance- Prepared for Duduza Civic Association.

File 3

Includes: Planact Local Government Programme Funding Proposal, 1993/ 1994.

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