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Helen Suzman Papers Unidad documental compuesta
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Letters 1975

  • ZA HPRA A2084-A-Aa-Aa1-Aa1.1-Aa1.1.4-Aa1.1.4.2
  • Unidad documental compuesta
  • 1975
  • Parte deHelen Suzman Papers

Includes: 14/10/1975 & 21/10/1975 correspondence with the Hon. Justice (Jan) Steyn addressed 'Dear Jan' and mentioning her 'somewhat torrid time in Australia' [NB: this is quoted her Helen Suzman autobiography), he notes his retirement from NICRO after 9 years.

Letters 1976-1977

  • ZA HPRA A2084-A-Aa-Aa1-Aa1.1-Aa1.1.4-Aa1.1.4.3
  • Unidad documental compuesta
  • 1976-1977
  • Parte deHelen Suzman Papers

Includes: letter dated 22/06/1976 from Mr. MS Phehlane re being arrested & the lack of sporting facilities like a bioscope in Brandfort jail; 05/07/1977 letter from the Acting Commissioner of Prisons about money received for Ronald Mkize.

Undated letters

  • ZA HPRA A2084-A-Aa-Aa1-Aa1.1-Aa1.1.4-Aa1.1.4.4
  • Unidad documental compuesta
  • undated
  • Parte deHelen Suzman Papers

Includes: letter concerning 3 deaths at Standerton prison due to ill-treatment; letter saying being imprisoned for dagga possession is unfair when "I found dagga selling and being smoked like hot buns" [in prison].

Letters 1978

  • ZA HPRA A2084-A-Aa-Aa1-Aa1.1-Aa1.1.5-Aa1.1.5.1
  • Unidad documental compuesta
  • 1978
  • Parte deHelen Suzman Papers

Includes letter from China Mandela, St. Albans Prison, PE: "worst of all we are being told that we belong to an underprivileged [sic] race. Is the word kaffir not forbidden to use?", dated 20/07/1978.

Letters 1979

  • ZA HPRA A2084-A-Aa-Aa1-Aa1.1-Aa1.1.5-Aa1.1.5.2
  • Unidad documental compuesta
  • 1979
  • Parte deHelen Suzman Papers

Includes: 19/03/1979: photocopy of letter from an inmate of Allandale Prison referring to "Nazi law" and "Stalin camp" treatment of prisoners; 26/06/1979: letter from Velile Rasmen, St. Albans Prison, saying "Is the term [kaffir] not abolished. This prison is built in a modern [sic] way but what is done behind the scenes in it imitates Auschwitz in Poland."; 10/07/1979: letter from Victor Mkhele also St. Albans refers to "St. Albans imitates terrible Nazi concentration camps.... At the hospital section Dr. Lang and a coloured warder Mr. Peterson are playing a ruthless role... Prisoners of the 1976 unrest want your help.".

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