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Narratives N1-10


N1 - Male, 'Coloured', Thirties, Academic/NGO activist, Originally from the Eastern Cape - I Remember: A narrative account of my interactions with racism.

N2 - Male, 'White', Thirties, Academic, Originally from the Transvaal/Gauteng - Not like that.

N3 - Female, 'African', Thirties, Academic/Administrator, Originally from the Eastern Cape - What it all meant!.

N4 - Male, 'Coloured', Fifties, Academic, Originally from the Western Cape - Waiting for Steve Bantu Biko.

N5 - Male, 'Coloured', Thirties, Academic, Originally from the Western Cape (now in Australia) - Watch your step.

N6 - Male, 'Coloured', Thirties, Academic, Originally from the Western Cape - A road trip with a difference.

N7 - Female, 'White', Thirties, Academic, Originally from Zimbabwe and then Transvaal/Gauteng - Hiding.

N8 - Male, 'African', Thirties, Academic, originally from Transvaal/Gauteng.

N9 - Female, 'Coloured', Thirties, Anti-racism activist, Originally from the Western Cape - My first recollections of racism.

N10 - Male, 'Coloured', Forties, Academic, Originally from the Western Cape (now in the US).

Narratives N11-20


N11 - Female, 'White', Forties, Academic, Originally from the Transvaal/Gauteng and Eastern Cape - One personal narrative. My novel.

N12 - Female, Apartheid classification: 'white', Early forties, Academic, Originally from Western Cape - Tearing open the seal.

N13 - Male, 'Coloured', fifties, Originally from W Cape - The cathedral experience.

N14 - Female, White, 30s/40s, E Cape.

N15 - Female, White, Forties - Growing up in durban and spans the late sixties to early eighties.

N16 - Female, 'Coloured', Fifties, Administrative, Originally from the Eastern Cape - The back door experience.

N17 - Female, Forties, "Indian" - A pursuit of self-worth: against all odds.

N18 - Male, African, Thirties, Lecturer, Originally from Gauteng - My early formative years.

N19 - Male, Coloured, Early 30s, Academic.

N20 - White, Female, Fifties - 1960s A time of awareness - 1970s Moving from 'helping' to 'solidarity' in the context of Black Consciousness - And now?.

Narratives N21-30


N21 - Female, "Indian", 46 years, Academic, Originally from Durban, Kwa-Zulu Natal, 23/02/2009 - Breaking out of a cocoon.

N22 - Male, White, Gauteng, Forties.

N23 - Thirties, Black.

N24 - No title.

N25 - Female, Twenties, "Indian", Gauteng.

N26 - Gender: Female, Age: Twenties, Region: Gauteng.

N27 - Female, White, Mid-twenties.

N28 - Male, White, Twenties.

N29 - Female, White, Forties.

N30 - Female, Indian, Forties.

Narratives N31-40


N31 - Black, Male, Thirties, Free State.

N32 - Not filled.

N33 - Not filled.

N34 - Male, White, Fifties.

N35 - 'White', 'Female', Early-30s (born 1976), Born and raised in Cape Town.

N36 - Male, White, Thirties.

N37 - Male, 'White', Fifties, Academic, Originally from Northern Cape - Brazil, Barack and me.

N38 - Male, White, Gauteng - A personal perspective of "Apartheid".

N39 - 'White', 'Female', Early-30s (born 1976), born and raised in Cape Town.

N40 - Male, Black, 40s, Gauteng.

Narratives N41-50


N41 - African Black, Female, 50s, Western Cape.

N42 - Apartheid: The many colours of madness.

N43 - Female, Black, Thirties, KZN - Spoiling the fun.

N44 - Male, Black, Fifties, Academic, Originally from the Free State - contradictions, contestations, conflicts, convergence, confusion, construction, constitution, conflagration - Scene 1 - Scene 2 - Scene 3 - Scene 4.

N45 - White, Forties, Western Cape.

N46 - Memories of Apartheid.

N47 - Fifties, White, KZN - Ngiyikhafula - I am a kaffir.

N48 - Thirties.

N49 - White, Thirties.

N50 - Thirties, White.

Narratives N51-60


N51 - No title.

N52 - White, Sixties, Gauteng.

N53 - Male, White.

N54 - Male, 'Coloured', Walvis Bay/Uppington - Snippets from my life under apartheid.

N55 - Female, 'white', Age 50.

N56 - Male, Indian-South African, Forties, Academic, Originally from Kwa Zulu Natal & Western Cape (now in USA) - Apartheid narrative.

N57 - Pumla, African, Western Cape.

N58 - Black and African, Woman, 36 years old.

N59 - Male, White, Mid Thirties (both N59 stories might be from the same person but differ).

N60 - woman, White, Teacher, Gauteng, Forties - From a teacher's notebook - School days.

Narratives N61-66


N61 - Female, White, Professional, Fifties, Western Cape.

N62 - The man at the pool.

N63 - Participant's background details: Female, Of Indian descent, Age range: 50-55, Australia - Memories/Recollections.

N64 - White, Female, 60-70 age range, Australia - Growing up in Apartheid South Africa.

N65 - White female, 40-50 age range, Australia - Apartheid Story.

N66 - White female, 60s age range, Australia - For the Apartheid Archives.

Narratives SN7-16


SN 7 - Male, Black, 23 years old.

SN 8 - Female, Black, 22 years old.

SN 9 - Female, Black, 26 years old.

SN 10 - Male, Black, 24 years old.

SN 11 - Male, Black, 29 years old.

SN 12 - Female, Black, 23 years old.

SN 13 - SN16 - No title.

Narratives SN27-38


SN27 - No title.

SN28 - Male.

SN29 - No title.

SN30 - Claire.

SN31 - Emily.

SN32 - No title.

SN33 - Nelly.

SN34 - Penny.

SN35 - Tom.

SN36 - White, Female, Fifties.

SN37 - White, Female, Forties.

SN38 - White, Male, Fifties.

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