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Miscellaneous Venda pamphlets and photostats of pamphlets in English of books sent in. Box of Venda material to be translated with 1 notebook.


Pamphlet - Girl Wayfarer; Association Annual Report 1953, Ansca News.

Bulletin - African National Soil Conservation Association, the Green Earth - Arsca, August-December 1955 and October-December 1958, Birou Ya Tshivenda "Vhulunga Zwau" - Duties of Foundation Members. Thoho-Ya-Ndon Territorial Authority - Possible formation of a Library Association. Venda Library Association circular, Membership of SAMRO - South African Music Rights Organisation Ltd, Students Christian Movenent of South Africa, draft constitution of the National Association for Cultural Advancement of Vendaland, the Constitution of Tshisiku Tsha Venda, the Chaplain's Message at the 67th provincial annual conference of the Transvaal United African Teachers Association, Zoutpansberg District and the Vendaland Athletics.


Evangelical Letters from mission schools and churches; donations to churches; Lutheran Church's newsletter, church functions, funeral services, church sermons.

Correspondents: da Gama, I. J., Landman, Gert., Mphanama, M. P., Nemuckivhadi, Ntsandeni, Vincent, Nyelisani, S. M.

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