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Cheadle Thompson & Haysom
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Delmas Treason Trial

  • ZA HPRA AK2117
  • Archief
  • 1985 - 1989

The collection contains the records of the court proceedings in the case State vs. P.M. Baleka and Others, commonly referred to as the Delmas Treason Trial.

The records include the charge, indictment, applications for discharge, bail applications, admissions, evidence and argument, exhibits, judgment, pronouncement of sentence and the appeal. They jfurther contain material relating to the dismissal of the assessor and important items collected by the Defence such as indexes to the trial, trial summaries, statements, affidavits and memoranda. Notes, statements and memoranda by the accused, particularly Popo Molefe, are also included.

The records are a rich source for those researching state repression and opposition politics in the 1980's. They are of considerable interest to lawyers, historians, sociologists and political scientists. There is much about opposition to the tri-cameral parliament, the United Democratic Front, the Vaal Triangle, Azanian People's Organisation, civic associations, the Freedom Charter, the African National Congress, education, Inkatha and the South African Council of Churches.
Michele Pickover, January 1993.

Marcus, Gilbert

The State vs Moses Mayekiso and 4 Others

  • ZA HPRA AK2130
  • Archief
  • 1987

State vs. Mayekiso and 4 Others.

An important section in this collection relates to the preparation of the defence and state cases. This can be divided into 2 categories:

A) the evaluation of slate and defence witnesses and.

B) exhibits.

Cheadle Thompson & Haysom

The State vs Ashwell Mxolisa Zwane and 7 Others

  • ZA HPRA AK2131
  • Archief
  • 1987

The State v Ashwell Mxolisa Zwane and seven others in the Supreme Court of South Africa (Witwatersrand Local Division) on a charge of sedition, changed to a charge of high treason, alternatively sedition, 1987 (case No 300/86).

Zwane Treason Trial - Listing of Witnesses.

State Witnesses.

In camera:

witness 5 p631-721.

witness 4 p723-787.

witness 6 p787-882.

witness 7 p883-961.

witness 8 p964-969.

witness 9 p970-1169. p1193-1201.

witness 10 p1170-1238. p222-1238.

witness 11 p1239-1257.

witness 12 p1257-1261. p1262-1272. p1383-1397.

witness 13 p1273-1297.

witness 14 p1298-1335.

witness 15 p1336-1341.

witness 16 p1341-1358.

witness 17 p1359-1372. p1373-1382.

witness 18 p1413-1429.

witness 19 p1. 429-1443. p1441-1443.

witness 20 p1498-1537. p1520-1553.

witness 21 p1554-1567.

witness 22 p1566-1573.

witness 23 p1675-1696. p1710-1724.

witness 24 p1751-1777.

witness 25 p1778-1789.

witness 26 p1852-1868. p1957-1959. p2029-2032.

witness 27 p2015-2028.

witness 28 p2052-2056.

witness 29 p2160-2162.

witnesses not in camera:

Botha Pieter Barendse p310-391.

de Beer Zacharias A S p650-1655. p1656-1663.

Dickinson Ambress p1807-1833. p1868-1900. p1901-1956. p2057-2141. p2142-2159.

Esterhuyse Leon A p1959-2003.

Harker p2032-2036.

Hlungwane Maxson p1538-1553.

Kemp Vernon Denis p2004-2014.

Mabale Victor p1398-1412.

Mafutha Emily p1803-1806.

Mageko Anastasia p500-530.

Hogan R p2014-2015.

Mollentze James Andrew p1386-1390.

Monakali William Lizwe p488-495.

Motebe Johannes Khagoli p464-488.

Marks PS p2514-2518.

Marx Pieter Schalk p1390-1397.

Ndaba Samson p532-630.

Ngwenya Adronica p1833-1837.

Oosthuizen Hans Jurgen p495-500.

Phalongwane Miriam p1800-1803.

Rooibaadjie Joseph p1664-1674.

Sanyane Samson p1837-1838.

Schutte Mauritz p1748-1750.

Sebola Johanna p1797-1800.

Semenya Simon p1444-1452.

Stadler H D p2163-2512.

van Heerden Johannes H B p1453-1476.

van Huyssteen Gert L S p1737-1748.

van Wyk Cornelius J p1575-1615. p1616-1650.

Vilakazi Grace p1793-1797.

Wessels P C W p2512-2514.

Yende Deliwe p1839-1851.

Zeelie Gert Petius p391-464. p1697-1709.

Zwane Mabel p1790-1793.

Defence Witnesses.

Mogano M p4382-4540.

Ngwenya V A p5362-5461.

Phalongwane Phillemon p4761-4857.

Sebola A A p2523-3461.

Zwane A M p3662-4381.

Cheadle Thompson & Haysom