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Anthony, V.C. Booth, Papers

  • A1755
  • Fundos
  • 1879-1898

Anthony, V.C. Booth (Colour-Sergeant in the 80th Regiment)

Papers relating to the Battle of I Ntombi River during the Zulu War, 1879. Including: typed copy of a letter from Booth to his family, 14 March1879, describing the engagement in which he won the V.C.; interview with Booth published in The County Express, 9 April 1898; typed copy of a letter from Major C.Tucker to his father, 19 March 1879, describing the battle; hand-drawn plan of the battle; photograph of Booth and his family

Errol Vawda Papers

  • A3409
  • Fundos
  • 1948-1993

The collection includes material mainly relating to South African sports organizations and associations nationally and various sports disciplines across South Africa, records of the African and International Table Tennis Federations, Sports Association of South African Senior Schools, national education, trade unions and labour issues, occupational health and safety matters in the society as well as some medical issues. Records also include sports publications, photographs and memorabilia.

Errol Vawda

Cathedral Church of the Holy Nativity

  • ZA HPRA AB1649
  • Fundos
  • 1849 - 1976

The collection consists of baptism, confirmation, marriage and burial registers of St. Peter's and St. Saviour's Cathedrals which were united in 1976 under the name of the Cathedral Church of the Holy Nativity service registers 1914-1919.

Kadalie, Clements

  • ZA HPRA A923
  • Fundos
  • 1943 - 1954

Papers relating to the publication of the book of Clements Kadalie, trade union leader and General Secretary of the Industrial and Commercial Workers Union (ICU), entitled "My life and the I.C.U.".

The Book was intended to be published under the editorship of E. Roux. It was eventually published in 1970 by Cass, London, and edited by Stanley Trapido.

Sidney Percival Bunting Papers

  • ZA HPRA A949
  • Fundos
  • 1922 - 1945

The collection includes correspondence, notes and writings relating to the work of the Communist Party, the Industrial and Commercial Workers Union of Africa (I.C.U.) and other trade unions, labour relations and race problems, as well as S.P. Bunting's contributions at the Sixth Congress of the Communist International in 1928.

The collection also entails correspondence and newspaper articles by Edward Roux, a founding member of the Young Communist League in 1921 and leader in the early Communist Party. Together with S.P. Bunting and his wife Rebecca Bunting, he went to Moscow as a South African delegate to the Sixth Congress of the Communist International in 1928. He wrote a political biography of S.P.Bunting in 1944.

Bunting, Sidney Percival

Papers of Reg Chalmers

  • ZA HPRA AB2534
  • Fundos
  • 1933 - 1998

Records mainly relating to St George's Cathedral.

Anglican Church of Southern Africa (ACSA)

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