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South African Police, Van Reenen records Subseries
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Correspondence and memoranda re registration of voters, first biennial registration of voters, voters roll and revision, names of farms and farmers including Van Reenen, Paulina, De Beers, Braamhoek, Colinge Pass and. Bosch Hook.


Incoming telegrams to Van Reenen re forwarding of stock, identification of stolen jewel-case, warrant of arrest, native wanted for murder, detainees, doctor's visit, reports for duty, passes, arrival of personnel for employment, border guards, summons, desertion of service, stock theft, escape from custody, and search, registrations, addresses of polling area, voters' lists, tracing of reports, wanted native suspects, claims, escort of leper, perjury case, Asiatics allowed in area, hidden letters, stones placed on railway lines, man decapitated, Coloured families court cases, railway officials on station, escorts, stolen goods, railway water, railway gangers and officials residences, subpoena in rape case, dimensions of police land, taking over of police buildings - Natal, arrest of soldiers, rifles stolen, chits for shoeing horses, transfer of police, police horses, Indian store broken into and burnt, natives stopped re clean health certificates, natives leaving Cape Town on behalf of Shepstone Whaling and Fishing Company, examination of native women's passes on trains.

R. C. I. Returns

Register of charges investigated from December 1921 to October 1922 containing charge, value stolen, value recovered, investigation officer and their remarks.

Poll and Dog Tax

Correspondence and memoranda re collectors of education, poll and dog tax, native poll tax for Harrismith District, instructions to poll-tax collectors, rulings and opinions on laws of the O. R. C. governing poll taxes, Coloured persons - poll tax collection and returns, Schedule A return of Coloured persons residing on farms under Poll Tax Consolidation Ordinance 1904, No. 4 and No. 6 Patrols Schedules A, 2 books of 100 poll tax receipts, 1921 & 1922.

Patrol Reports

Monthly Patrol Reports from October 1916 to August 1924 at Van Reenen Area, Harrismith District 33, with number of patrols, number of farms visited, mileage, grand total of N. C. O's average miles and men on station per man per diem, mounted, with special instructions to patrol and patrol's remarks on visits.

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