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South African History Archive (SAHA) PLANACT Collection
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PLANACT Collection

  • ZA SAHA AL2566
  • collection
  • 1988 - 1992

The initial deposit of Planact material was made when the premises that Planact occupied in Rockey Street, Yeoville were literally bursting at the seams.

This was mainly material in their storerooms.

This was the documentation of completed projects that Planact was involved with, and the files from the offices staff who had resigned from Planact.

Before the new staff occupied the office, the 'old' material was packed up and kept in the storeroom.

The bulk of the Planact material, however, was transferred to SAHA after they moved to their new premises in Braamfontein.

This also included the documents from the offices of ex-Planact employees and from the Planact Resource Centre which was closed down.

The bulk of the collection covers the period 1988 - 1992. There is a gap of earlier Planact material - both of the project work and the internal organisational material. An attempt has been made to separate the project documentation (Sections 1-49 & Sections A1-A70) from the organisation records (Sections P1-P9).

However, this was not totally possible as in some instances there was a blurring of distinction when project work was discussed at meetings, and memos and reports written.

The first deposit was roughly sorted, and listed by Ephraim Siluma.

When Ephraim had almost completed, the second acquisition arrived.

It was then decided to incorporate this with the first, and to rework the classification scheme using the broad headings that the (newly arrived) boxes were labelled with (Sections 1-49).

Sections A1-A70 was added to incorporate material that was either misfiled, marked miscellaneous or unknown.

Planact did not have a centralised filing scheme - each staff kept their documents in various systems with some using the Resource Centre as a repository.

As a result there are overlaps and duplications in some of the sections.

Where possible this has been weeded out. Given the size of the collection, documents on particular topics or townships are dispersed throughout the collection.

An attempt has been made to cross-reference material to assist researchers in finding related material.

Given the voluminous nature of the collection, 3 people have worked on this collection and creating this finding aid.

This is based on the Planact Annual Reports, informational leaflets and brief discussions with an ex-Planact employee.

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File 3 Correspondence

Includes: Letters to and From Planact; Memorandums on The Riverlea Project Assessment; Riverlea Team Meeting; Correspondence With Marc Feldman Architect and Urban Development Consultant; Memorandum of Agreement; Misidi Shomang: Programme

File 5 Housing Subsidy

Includes: Riverlea: Extensions 3 and 4 Application for Housing Subsidies Under The Interim Arrangements for Housing Project Linked Subsidy; Activity Report: June 1994

TMC / Inner City / SCA

Includes: Discussion Document on The Guiding Principles; Paper on The Character and The Scope of The Municipal Budget; Actstop Presentation of Inner City Strategic Framework by Steven and Gordon; Memorandums and Messages

File 1

Includes: Proposal for Consulting Services; Programme for Finalising Layout; Task and responsibility

Proposals / Reports (1994/5)

Includes: Development Process and Programme Riverlea Extensions 3 and 4: Proposal to the Steering Committee; Proposals to JCC: Planning Department; Evaluation Strategic/ Project Planning with the Riverlea Civic Association: Planact Network; Report on the steering committee; Briefing Report on Riverlea Projects

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