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Inventory to the Afrapix photographs

Inventory to the Afrapix photographs held in the "Werkgroep Kairos Photo Collection", at the International Institute of Social History (IISG), Amsterdam, one of the largest archives of labour and social history in the world.

Werkgroep Kairos Photo Collection

Full Frame, Vol.2 No.1& Two Tone

  • ZA AFRAPIX AP7-AP7.4-AP7.4.1
  • Parte
  • undated

The publication contains a second publication entitled 'Two Tone', the South African's First Jazz Magazine.

Full Frame, Vol.1 No.1

  • ZA AFRAPIX AP7-AP7.4-AP7.4.2
  • Parte
  • June 1990

Including articles:
Beyond the barricades: Collectivism in the 80s
The rainy season, John Liebenberg in Namibia
Going home, by Santu Mofokeng and Paul Weinberg
Gallery, with images from Pax Magwaza and Graeme Williams
Khikhi hostels, by Roger Meintjes

Full Frame, Vol.1 No.2

  • ZA AFRAPIX AP7-AP7.4-AP7.4.3
  • Parte
  • December 1990

Including articles:
Troyville, by Jenny Gordon
Structures, by David Goldblatt
War in Natal, by Guy Tillim
A view from exile, by George Hallett
The way we live, Mavis Mthandeki, Primrose Talakumeni

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