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Helen Suzman Papers Bestanddeel
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Letters July-December 1986

  • ZA HPRA A2084-A-Aa-Aa1-Aa1.1-Aa1.1.11-Aa1.1.12.2
  • Bestanddeel
  • July-December 1986
  • Part of Helen Suzman Papers

Includes: 14/09/1986 letter from Thomas Motsile of the Ratanda Civic Association and 40 other 'public violence prisoners' at Leeukop Prison — some were injured in riots.

Letters June-December 1987

  • ZA HPRA A2084-A-Aa-Aa1-Aa1.1-Aa1.1.11-Aa1.1.13.2
  • Bestanddeel
  • June-December 1987
  • Part of Helen Suzman Papers

Includes: 21/07/1987: letter from Renfrew Christie (then resident at 211 Bremner, UCT — so must have been sent after he was released) about prison conditions and also thanks Helen Suzman for her letter to him. Mentions the possible release / exchange of Dieter Gerhardt, also "Nelson, Walter, Govan" and Rob Adam; a letter from a prisoner at Sasol Prison in which he calls Helen Suzman the "God Mother of South Africa".

Representations 1972

27/01/1972: letter from a Mr. A.R. Short concerning an unprovoked attack on prisoners by warders at Durban Central Prison on 24/01/1972 using "rubber truncheons, tin mugs attached to leather belts and straps, broomsticks and batons, gas pistols... Pelser and General J. C. Steyn forget that we have a Mrs. Helen Suzman who will see the wrong rectified".

April-May 1972: letters and reports concerning Patrick Pather "an exhibitionist" serving 9-15 years for a 4th offence; a psychiatrist recommends he be castrated.

08/05/1972-04/07/1972: letters concerning the house occupied by the Head Warder H.J.F. Smit at Geluk Prison in Bethal.

March-July 1972: letters between Helen Suzman and prisoners, prisoner's relatives and the Prisons Department concerning A.R. Campbell, Henry Claude Valentine and Alpist Ndlalise.

September 1972: letters concerning alleged assault on deaf and dumb prisoner John Luthuli in Durban Prison.

November 1972: letters between Helen Suzman and Judge Steyn and the Commissioner of Prisons concerning brutality and poor food at Worcester and Brandvlei Prisons.

Representations 1976

June-July 1976: correspondence concerning Brian Henry Price who was imprisoned in Zonderwater Prison for 10 years for selling LSD from his yacht, then escaped, stowed away on the Windsor Castle and arrived back in the UK on 05/07/1976.

Undated letter from former prisoner Hugh Lewin to Helen Suzman from London "Dear Helen, Lovely to see you again — and many thanks for Thandi's teddy [Thandi is his daughter]"; letter goes on about new prison regulations concerning studying while jailed and that these regulations are essentially pernicious and could be invoked especially harshly against political prisoners including those held at Pretoria Local and Robben Island; he mentions Harold Strachan case, Thoms, Aucamp, Brigadier van Aardt and the Goldberg / Thoms affair of December 1972.

Representations 1981

19/10/81: Helen Suzman reply to a July 1981 letter from a Hildegard Falke in Germany who wants to know if people are really tortured by police in SA as her daughter claims...

(no date): Helen Suzman asks Kobie Coetsee to consider granting an amnesty for 'crimes against the state' to mark the 20th anniversary of the Republic.

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