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South African Institute of Race Relations (SAIRR) Fondo
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South African Institute of Race Relations (SAIRR)

  • ZA HPRA AD1715
  • Fondo
  • 1892-1974

This collection comprises an assortment of Rheinhallt Jones and SAIRR papers, and complements and supplements other records of the Institute housed at Wits.

Again the emphasis is on 'Native Affairs' and 'race relations' in the broadest sense, primarily from the mid 1930's to 1950's. Section 5 - 'Administration of Africans' is particularly rich in this respect.

South African Institute of Race Relations (SAIRR)

South African Institute of Race Relations (SAIRR), Part 1 records

  • ZA HPRA AD843B
  • Fondo
  • 1908 - 1962

The "B" box collection relates mainly to the period 1930 to 1950, although there are some documents as early as 1926 and some all late as 1961. This inventory boar the title "Part I" as there have been subsequent deposits of the Institute's archives which will be inventoried at a later date.

The "B" box collection has been retained as an entity in accordance with Standard archival practice and the files have been kept in their original order. Many of the files overlap and contain material irrelevant to the subject matter of the file. In view of the extensive use made of the collection over the last ten years by researchers who took references according to the then existing arrangement, it was decided not to re-sort. The present box numbers have been retained, but the files which previously bore an alphabetical notation have now been given a numerical one, e.g. the original 4f now becomes 4.6.

This inventory lists the number of items in each file, mention the names of the principal correspondents, indicates the subject field and itemises anything of particular importance. A brief sketch of the Institute is included and a comprehensive index of all personal names mentioned in the inventory and of selective subject fields has been provided, thus bringing together scattered subjects. The words "Native", "African", "Bantu" and "Non-European" have been used where they were the approved nomenclature of the day.

Subjects covered are the social and economic conditions of Blacks, Coloureds and Indians, with particular reference to education, literacy, land, farm labour, labour relations, housing, the urban Black, health and welfare services, medical training, juvenile delinquency, the liquor problem, discriminatory legislation and penal reform. This collection, covering almost three decades, in of great importance to economic, social and political historians.

Anna M. Cunningham, 1 August 1981.

South African Institute of Race Relations (SAIRR)

A.B. Xuma Papers

  • ZA HPRA AD843
  • Fondo
  • 1917 - 1960


AAAR - African Academy of Arts and Research.
AA-ERA + PHM - African Anti-Expropriation Ratepayers Association and Peoples Housing Movement.
AAC - All African Congress.
AANC - All African National Convention.
ABCFM - American Board of Commissions for Foreign Missions.
ABL - African Business League.
BM - American Board Mission.
ABMA - Abantu-Batho Musical Association.
ABOA - Alexandra Bus Owners' Association.
ACBC - African Council for Boys Clubs.
ACCPWU - African Cement & Cement Products Workers' Union.
ADA - African Dingaka Association.
ACDWU - African Commercial and Distributive Workers' Union.
ADC - African Democratic Council.
ADP - African Democratic Party.
ADSL - African Domestic Servants' League.
AEAW - Association of European and African Women.
AES - Army Educational Services.
ACPWU - African Can and Power Workers' Union.
AHC - Alexandra Health Centre.
AIAC - All-In African Conference.
AIMC - African Independent Mission Church.
AJC - Alexandra Joint Committee.
ALAS - African Life Assurance Society.
AM - Anglican Mission.
AMEC - African Methodist Episcopal Church.
AMS - Adams Mission Station.
AMWU - African Mine Workers' Union.
ANBA - African National Business Association.
ANC - African National Congress.
ANP - Associated Negro Press, Chicago.
ANPC - African National Publishing Company.
ANYIL - African National Youth Improvement League.
AOWU - African Offices Workers' Union.
APDS - African Provident and Development Society.
APO - African People's Organization.
APS - Aborigines Protection Society.
AUCDWC - African United Cultural and Domestic Workers' Club.
A(W)HBFWU - African (Witwatersrand) Hotel, Boarding House & Flat Workers' Union.
AWU - African Workers' Union.
BCHF - Bantu Children's Holiday Fund.
BEMEC - Board of Education, Methodist Episcopal Church.
BFBS - British & Foreign Bible Society.
BFM - Board of Foreign Missions.
BMCJ - Bantu Methodist Church of Johannesburg.
BMHSS - Bantu Methodist Helping Hand Society.
BMSC - Bantu Men's Social Centre.
BSC - Bantu Sports Club.
BSHS - British Social Hygiene School.
BUS - Bantu United School.
BWF - Bantu Welfare Fund.
BWT - Bantu Welfare Trust.
CAA - Council on African Affairs, New York.
CAC - Cape African Congress.
CAB - Coligny Advisory Board.
CRUSC - Crescent Bantu United Sports Club.
CCCC - Central Council for the Care of Cripples.
CCSA - Christian Council South Africa.
CIC - Caledonian Insurance Company.
CN-ETU - Council of Non-European Trade unions.
CPHS - Central Public Health Service.
CPS - Civilian Protective Services.
CFSA - Communist Party of South Africa.
CRJ - Campaign for Right and Justice.
CTSSAC - Cape Town Social Security Action Committee.
DNA - Department of Native Affairs.
DOAA - Daughters of Africa Association.
DOCC - Donaldson Orlando Community Centre.
DPIF - Deferred Pay Interest Fund.
DTCP - Diocesan Training College, Pietersburg.
EAWU - Explosives African Workers' Union.
ENT - Eastern Native Township.
EPBTNA - Eastern Province Bantu Trained Nurses' Association.
ERDBLTA - East Rand District Bantu Lawn Tennis Association.
ERSA - East Rand Students' Association.
EWFC - East & West Friendship Council.
FCCCA - Federal Council of the Churches of Christ in America.
FOA - Friends of Africa.
GALM - Gremio Africano de Lourenco Marques.
GCRC - Good Companions Rover Crew.
GGNWF - Governor General's National War Fund.
GNF - Gesuiwerde Nasionale Party.
GWBTAC - Griqualand West Board of. Executors Trust & Agency Company.
HCT - High Commission Territory.
IAA - Indian Association of America.
ICAA - International Committee on African Affairs.
ICYMCA - International Committee of Young Men's Christian Associations.
IDAMF(IAMF) - Inter-Denominational African Ministers' Federation.
IMC - International Missionary Council.
IPAMA - Inter-Provincial African Ministers' Association.
IOTT - Independent Order of Trus Templars.
JAFA - Johannesburg African Football Association.
JBFA - Johannesburg Bantu Football Association.
JCEAW - Joint Council of European and African Women.
JCN-ETU - Joint Council of Non-European Trade unions.
JDSSU - Johannesburg & District Sunday School Union.
JHSSW - Jan Hofmeyr School of Social Work.
JIMCI - Johannesburg Indian Young Men's Cultural Institute.
JISA - Johannesburg Indian Sports Association.
JJCEA - Johannesburg Joint Council of Europeans and Africans.
JJCEN - Johannesburg Joint Council of Europeans and Natives.
JSAP - Junior South African Party.
JSSAC - Johannesburg Social Security Action Committee.
LABC - Location Advisory Boards Congress.
LSHTM - London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.
MC - Methodist Church.
MCCL - Medical Correspondence College, London.
MCSA - Methodist Church of South Africa.
MEC - Methodist Episcopal Church.
MHSW - Mental Hygiene Society of the Witwatersrand.
MLMM - Methodist Laymen's Missionary Movement.
MMF - Milbank Memorial Fund.
MMIC - Methodist Mission Institution, Clarkebury.
MEL - Methodist Men's League.
MMS - Methodist Missionary Society.
MNA - Minister of Native Affairs.
MOH - Medical Officer of Health.
MTOA - Motor Transport Owners' Association.
NAA - Native Administration Act, 1927.
NAACP - National Association for the Advancement of Coloured People.
NAC - Native Affairs Commission.
NALGO - National Association of Land Government Officers.
NAWO - National Anti-Waste Organization.
NBRC - National Bank of the Republic of Chicago.
NC - Native Commissioner.
NCAW - Notional Council of African Women.
NCCL - National Council for Civil Liberties.
NCCW - National Council for Child Welfare.
NCF - Nurses' Christian Fellowship.
NCYMCA - National Council of Young Men's Christian Associations.
NEFC (AES) - New Educational Fellowship Conference (African Education Section).
NEMTEU - Non-European Meat Trades Employees' Union.
NEPT - Non-European Progress Trust.
NEUM - Non-European Unity Movement.
NMC - Native Military Corps.
NOIB - Nederlandse Opleidings Instituut voor het Buitenland.
NPPC - Native Printing and Publishing Company.
NRC - Native Representative Council.
NTLB - Native Trust and Land Bill.
NUAA - Northwestern University Alumni Association.
OFSAHA - Orange Free State African Herbalists' Association.
OFSATA - Orange Free State African Teachers' Association.
OMWA - Orlando Mothers' Welfare Association.
PCN-ETU - Pretoria Council of Non-European Trade Unions.
PJCEN - Pretoria Joint Council of Europeans and Natives.
PLIC - Public Life Insurance Company.
PMCT - Primitive Methodist Churches of the Transvaal.
PWF - Public Welfare Foundation, Inc.
RABA - Reef Advisory Board Association.
RBHA - Rural Bank Health Association.
RCSSA - Ramsey County Sunday School Association.
RES - Royal Empire Society.
RHAWU - Railways and Harbours African Workers' Union.
RIE - Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh.
SAAFA - South African African Football Association.
SABA - South African Association for Burial and Aid.
SACC - South African Cultural Club.
SACIR - South African Council on Induntria1 Relations.
SACWAYWCA - S.A. Council of Word Affiliated Young Women's Christian Associations.
SAFSU - Society of Friends of the Soviet Union.
SAGCC - South African Gifts and Comforts Committee.
SALA - South African Library Association.
SAMC - South African Medical Council.
SANCU - South African Native Co-operative Union.
SANCCW - South African National Council for Child Welfare.
SANTF - South African Native Teachers' Federation.
SAP - South African Police.
SAPA - South African Press Associations.
SAR - South African Railways.
SARH - South African Railways and Harbours.
SASSA - South African Social Security Association.
SCA - Students' Christian Association.
SMFA - Steward Missionary Foundation for Africa.
SSM - Society of the Sacred Mission.
SSASA - Social Services Association of South Africa.
SSVdeP - Society of St Vincent de Paul.
SWA - South West Africa.
SWD - South Western Districts.
TABC - Transvaal African Boys' Clubs.
TAC - Transvaal African Congress.
TASA - Transvaal African Students' Association.
TATA - Transvaal African Teachers' Association.
TATWU - Transvaal African Timber Workers' Union.
TBFA - Transvaal Bantu Football Association.
TBGU - Transvaal Bantu Golf Union.
TBLTU - Transvaal Bantu Lawn Tennis Union.
TCN-ETU - Transvaal Council of Non-European Trade Unions.
TCPA - The Chiefs and Peoples Association.
TED - Transvaal Education Department.
TIAMA - Transvaal Inter-Denominational African Ministers' Association.
TIC - Transvaal Indian Congress.
TI-DMA - Transvaal Inter-Denominational Ministers' Association.
TNC - Transvaal Native Congress.
TNII - Tuskegee Normal and Industrial Institute.
TSCNEB - Transvaal Society for the Care of Non-European Blinds.
TVA - Transkeian Voters' Association.
TWEA - Transvaal Workers' Educational Association.
UDF - Union Defence Force.
UEPI - University Examination Postal Institution.
USPHS - United States Public Health Service.
WAEWF - Welfare of Africans in Europe War Fund.
WASU - West African Students' Union.
WFDY - World Federation of Democratic Youth.
WIAC - Women's International Affairs Club.
WMC - Wesleyan Methodist Church.
WNT - Western Native Township.
WSCF - World Student Christian Federation.
WSE - World Service Exhibition.
WYWCA - World Young Women's Christian Association.
YCL - Young Communist League.
ZCA - Zoutpansberg Cultural Association.
ZYWCA(Tvl) - Zenzele Y.W.C.A. of the Transvaal.

South African Institute of Race Relations (SAIRR)

South African Institute of Race Relations (SAIRR), Records

  • ZA HPRA AD3411
  • Fondo
  • 1920S-1980S

Collection of assorted material from the SAIRR Library that spans the period from 1920s to 1980s and includes organisational files such the personnel file of the 3rd director F.J. van Wyk, SAIRR programme files, correspondence, collections of newsletters, journals and pamphlets, press cuttings, photographs as well as some archival documents.

South African Institute of Race Relations (SAIRR)

South African Institute of Race Relations (SAIRR), Press Cuttings, Part A

  • ZA HPRA AD1912A
  • Fondo
  • 1928-1998

List of deferred references:

Acts SEE Legislation.

Afrikaner Weerstand Beweging SEE Rightwing groups.

Aggett, Neil SEE Detention deaths.

Alexandra Township SEE Urban Conditions: Transvaal Relocations.

African Invention SEE ANC.

Amenities (Racial Segregation) SEE also Petty Apartheid.

Anti- Semitism SEE Jewish community.

Apartheid SEE ASLO Amenities, Petty Apartheid, Bus, Beach Zoning.

Armed Struggle SEE ALSO Terrorism.

Bakubung Tribe SEE Removals: Transvaal.

Bantustan SEE Homelands.

Barberton Prison Farm SEE Prisons & Prisoners.

Basutoland SEE Lesotho.

Bathlaping Tribe SEE Removals Western Cape.

Beach Segregation SEE ALSO Apartheid.

Bechuanaland SEE Botswana.

Biko, Steve SEE Detention Deaths.

Bilingualism SEE White Unity.

Bills SEE Legislation.

Bus Boycotts SEE Boycotts.

Bureau of State Security SEE Police.

Cape SEE Urban Conditions.

Cato Manor SEE Urban Conditions.

Census Statistics SEE ALSO Population.

Church of the Province of SA SEE Anglican Church.

Churches (General) SEE ALSO Religion.

Cinderella Prison, Boksburg SEE Prisons.

Committees Drift SEE Removals.

Communism SEE SACP.

Conscientious Objectors SEE ALSO End Conscription Campaign.

Crime SEE ALSO Juvenile Delinquency.


Delinquency SEE Juvenile Delinquency.

Democratic Party, SEE ALSO Progressive Federal Party.

Dimbaza SEE Removals.

Disinvestment SEE Sanctions.

District Six SEE Urban Conditions: Cape.

Drakensberg SEE Urban Conditions: Natal.

Durban Riots: SEE Urban Conditions: Natal.

Durban strikes SEE Strikes: Durban.

East London SEE Urban Conditions.

East Rand SEE Urban Conditions: Transvaal.

Education SEE ALSO Universities.

Emigration SEE Immigration.

End Conscription Campaign SEE ALSO Conscientious Objection.

Entertainment SEE Films.

Evaton SEE Urban Conditions, Vaal Triangle.

Exiles SEE ALSO Refugees.

Fagan Commission SEE Native Commission.

Farm Labour SEE ALSO Labour, Farm.

Farming SEE Agriculture.

Food SEE ALSO Agriculture.

Foreign Relations SEE International Relations.

Franchise SEE ALSO Vote.

Gangs SEE Crime and Juvenile Delinquency.

Health SEE Also Hospitals.

Hitsquads SEE ALSO Violence.

Hospitals SEE ALSO Health.

Housing SEE ALSO Urban Conditions.

Johannesburg SEE Urban Conditions : Transvaal.

Justice SEE ALSO Crime.

Khoi Khoi SEE Anthropology.

Korsten SEE Removal.

Kupugani SEE Feeding schemes.

Labour SEE ALSO Domestic Workers; Employment; Migrant Workers; Strikes; Trade Unions.

Law SEE Justice.

Limehill SEE Removals.

Malnutrition SEE Feeding.

Mamatola Tribe SEE Removals.

Manufacturing SEE Industries.


Mkhize, Saul SEE Police: Shootings.

Mombaris, Alex SEE Prisons: Escapes.

Multi-party conference SEE ALSO Negotiations.

Natal SEE Urban Conditions.

National Intelligence Service SEE Police.

Negotiations SEE ALSO Multi-Party.

Newclare SEE Urban Conditions Transvaal.

Orange Free State SEE Urban Conditions.

Penal Reform SEE ALSO Prisons.

Petty Apartheid SEE ALSO Amenities; Apartheid.

POQO SEE Pan African Congress.

Port Elizabeth SEE Urban Conditions.

Pretoria SEE Urban Conditions.

Reconstruction and Development (RDP) SEE ALSO ANC 1995.

Removals SEE ALSO Urban Conditions.

Reserves SEE Homelands.

Resettlements SEE Relocations.

Rhodesia SEE Zimbabwe.

Rivonia Treason Trial SEE Political Trials.

Robben Island SEE Prisons & Prisoners.

Sanctions SEE ALSO Economics (Boycotts).

Schools SEE Education.

Security Police SEE Police.

Separate Development SEE Apartheid.

Sharpeville SEE Violence, 1960.

Slums SEE Housing.

Sophiatown SEE Urban Conditions (Western Areas).

South African Broadcasting (SABC) SEE ALSO Media.

South African Defence Force SEE ALSO Defence.

South African Police SEE Police.

Soweto SEE Urban Conditions.

Spies SEE Police.

Squatters SEE ALSO Housing Relocations.

Stinkwater SEE Relocations.

Strachan, Harold SEE Prisons.

Strikes SEE ALSO Labour.

Traders SEE Black Businessmen.

Trade Unions SEE ALSO Labour.

Transvaal SEE Urban Conditions.

Unemployment SEE Employment.

Urban Conditions SEE ALSO Housing; Provinces; Removals.

Wages SEE ALSO Labour.

Williamson, Craig SEE Police.

Witchdoctor SEE Herbalist.

Witchcraft SEE Tribal customs.

South African Institute of Race Relations (SAIRR)

South African Institute of Race Relations (SAIRR), Part 2 records

  • Fondo
  • 1930 - 1947

The "B" box collection was described in Inventory No.10, 'Records of the South African Institute of Race Relations, Part I' published by the University Library in 1981. The Institute's archivist, J. (Jeanette) Curtis, came to the library and re-sorted the "R.J." collection into broad subject categories. Unfortunately, her detention by the government and her resignation from the Institute prevented the task from being completed. In 1981 the papers of Edith Rheinallt Jones (10 boxes) were made into a separate collection and an unpublished inventory of them was compiled. Similarly, in 1984, a separate collection was made of the records of the Joint Council movement (53 boxes), described in Inventory No.12, Records of the Joint Council of Europeans and Africans. The remainder of the "RJ" collection is described by the University Library's Curator of Manuscripts, Anne Cunningham, in this present inventory, No.15.

The "RJ" collection, now comprising 305 boxes, spans the years 1929 to 1954 although there are some items as early as 1921 and as late as 1968. There is a large section on the foundation and work of the Institute covering its policy, publications, membership, administration, activities and regions. The other subject divisions are urban affairs, land, taxation, legislation, franchise, justice, economics, labour, education, Coloured and Indian affairs, social services, World War II, organisations with which the Institute was associated, Protectorates, Africa, church and missionary and J.D. Rheinallt Jones in his personal and senatorial capacity. The collection reflects the Institute's efforts to upgrade the economic, social and political status of Blacks, Coloureds and Indians in South Africa, with particular reference to housing, health, education and franchise, and to improving relations between the different races.

This inventory is dedicated to the late Jeanette Curtis, the SAIRR's archivist, who was responsible for gathering together this collection and ensuring its preservation for researchers.

South African Institute of Race Relations (SAIRR)

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