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Abbe Nicolas Louis De La Caille, Notebook

  • ZA HPRA A892
  • collection
  • 1746 - 1754

The notebook contains observations made by De la Caille at the Cape and elsewhere; a list of expenses in connection with his observatory at St. Martin (Paris); and details of the mathematical basis for his calculations, including lists of formulae and trigonometrical proofs, used as an aide-memoire during his travels. There are calculations of some star coordinates, apparently made at the Cape, and, most important of all, a calculation of the difference in latitude between the Cape and Klipfontein for his determination of an arc of the meridian.

Nicolas Louis de la Caille

Nazi / Anti-Jewish Propaganda

  • ZA HPRA A3323-4
  • Série organique
  • 1935 - 1951
  • Fait partie de Hyman Papers

This collection of correspondence (1-8) was written between various individuals in South Africa, Germany and England. The letters and their writers provide a glimpse into the wide network of Nazi and Anti-Jewish alignments and associations between Europe and Southern Africa, which existed prior to World War II and continued in post-war years. It includes the following:

Henry H Beamish
Henry Hamilton Beamish (1873-1948), known as H.H. Beamish, originated from Britain and had fought in the Boer War (South African War) and in World War I for the South African infantry. H.H. Beamish had wide connections to the German Nationalist Party (Nazis) and its leaders, gave talks about the 'threats from International Jewry' and was the founder of the Britons Publishing Company. He published "The Jews' who's who: Israelite finance: its sinister influence" in 1921. He lived in Southern Rhodesia.

Letter 3 - U.Bodung-Verlag
This letter addressed to H.H. Beamish was written by a member of the U.Bodung-Verlag, probably even Ulrich Fleischhauer. Ulrich Fleischhauer (1876-1960) was the founder of this publishing firm, based in Erfurt/Germany, a staunch anti-semite and a follower of the Pan-Aryan movement, closely connected to leaders of the Nationalist Party of Germany (Nazis). From 1933 the publisher developed into the Welt-Dienst (World service), a Nazi and Anti-Jewish news agency with an English speaking bulletin. Fleischhauer was instrumental in the defense of the Swiss nationals who stood trial for promoting racial hatred in Bern 1935 - the letter mentions the Bern trial. He organised a number of Pan-Aryan Anti-Jewish congresses, referred to in the letter as well.
Also mentioned in the letter is the alleged connection of followers of Jehova's witnesses to the Copperbelt strike by African miners in 1935, claiming their direct involvement in the instigation of the strike. Makes reference and attaches an extract from the Year Book of Jehova's Witnesses for 1936 - see item numbered 4 attached.

Letter 5 - John Griffen
Written by John Griffen to H.H. Beamish, mentions a widely believed Anti-Jewish conspiracy, being the "crisis over the King" (Edward VIII, later Duke of Windsor) whose wife was allegedly the niece of Solomon Warfield (a Jewish American financier), albeit the fact that both the Duke of Windsor and his wife Wallis Simpson were suspected of being Nazi sympathizers.

Letter 6 - Henry Dixon
Residing in England, writing to Dr Gericke, wanting to come to South Africa for business purposes. with response letter by Gericke, providing an overview of South Africa.

Letter 7 - Rudman
Contains a distribution list for recipients of literature in Africa and Europe, referring to themselves as "we are all in the Whiteman's Battle against the 'Disciples of Satan' ".

Letter 8 - Arnold Leese
Letter written by Arnold Leese to Dr Gericke (see letter 6 and distribution list Letter 7). Arnold Spencer Leese (1878-1956) was the founder of the Imperial Fascist League in Britain. He met H.H. Beamish in the mid 1920s who introduced Leese to anti-Semitism, and utilising materials distributed by Fleischhauer's Welt-Dienst (World Service). After the War he formed the National Workers Movement and published the Anti-Jewish magazine Gothic Ripples (mentioned in this letter).

Medu Art Ensemble Statement

This statement is made for 9 August 1981 celebrating twenty fifth anniversary of women's march in Pretoria, written by Medu collective. A reflection of women who took to the streets during that event was a show piece of a militant struggle against fascist rule in South Africa.

Medu Art Ensemble

Medu Policy Declaration

The policy declaration is for conference related to establishing bilateral relations with cultural and arts groups in Southern Africa to enrich and share the experience.

Medu Art Ensemble

Report on Norad Funds

Report is about the funds donated to Publications and Research Unit for typewriter and other machines.

Medu Art Ensemble

Progress Report from Publications and Research

Publications and Research unit was established to produce the newsletter, and to give oversight to the Medu executive. In 1982, the P&R Unit reports included summaries of activities or work that should be completed by Publications and Research Unit in 1982, such as issuing of newsletters, and publishing of Mongane Serote's poetry book. In 1983 P & R was divided into the Naledi Writers Unit, which continued oversight of the newsletter and other matters around creative writing and articles; and a separate executive unit of Medu, consisting of elected official.

Medu Art Ensemble

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