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Ernest Cole, Photographic collection and Papers sub-series Con objetos digitales
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Including copies and original letters from Struan Robertson; various persons acknowledging receipt of "House of Bondage"; typed copy of a letter by Ernest Cole to The New York Times, pointing out corrections to the article "A South African talks about U.S., 12 December 1967, with newspaper article attached containing red underlining by Ernest Cole; references by various entities, photo studies and journalists, including Magnum, Life, Random House and The Ford Foundation; typed copy of a letter by Ernest Cole to The Ford Foundation re. his application for a grant, 17 September 1968; typed and signed letter by Ernest Cole on his letterhead, written to Camera Mainichi magazine in Japan, 25 October 1968; permission given by Ernest Cole to the UN Public Information Section, to use photographs from "House of Bondage"; correspondence with John Hillelson, Magnum agent for Ernest Cole in the UK.

House of Bondage images

These images were published in the book "House of Bondage". Each of the 184 photographs originate from one of the folders in B2.1-24, from which they were extracted. The images which were selected for the book are marked on the original contact sheets and the negative sheets.