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General: chronological

NB: as there are 4 chronological folders (January to December 1964) in this section, some correspondence on a particular topic is to be found in more than one file.

General: chronological January-April 1964

  • ZA HPRA A2084-M-Mb-Mb2-Mb2.3-Mb2.3.1-Mb2.3.1.1
  • Bestanddeel
  • January-April 1964
  • Part of Helen Suzman Papers

Includes: 20/01/1964 draft memorandum from Helen Suzman to Secretary of the House of Assembly, Mr. MacFarlane, re proposed changes to Standing Orders; memorandum from the Chief Bantu Affairs Commissioner, Pietermaritzburg, after an 'interview' with Chief Zephaniah Buthelezi; some 'fan mail'; January 1964 memorandum by Lester Hall on the United Party's Race Federation policy; February 1964 memorandum by E. Goldstein on ensuring 50:50 representation (eventually) of blacks and whites in constituencies; proposal (not by Helen Suzman) on the Rent Control Bill; January-April 1964 correspondence concerning possibility of Nat Nakasa going to Princeton or Harvard for a year; 09/03/1964 letter from Vernon Berrange asking if Helen Suzman would testify in the 'Rivonia Trial'; April 1964 memorandum on the SA situation by 'Margaret Legum's mother' to Sir Hugh Frost at the U.N.; letter re use of football field by a 'coloured' club in Coronationville.

General: chronological April-May 1965

  • ZA HPRA A2084-M-Mb-Mb2-Mb2.4-Mb2.4.1-Mb2.4.1.3
  • Bestanddeel
  • April-May 1965
  • Part of Helen Suzman Papers

09/04/1965 letter from Acting General Secretary of the Food & Canning Workers Union asking about MP's salaries (cf. government intending to introduce a wage freeze); 12/04/1965 letter to Helen Suzman from Mr. B.S. Chetty, Chairman of the Natal Cigar & Tobacco Manufacturer's Association about "border industries" in this area creating jobs for Indians; 15/04/1965 letter concerning the position of attorney Ismail Meer if the proposed legislation to bar listed communists from practising in the courts becomes law; 23/04/1965 Helen Suzman letter to "Ruth" about Janet Suzman; Helen Suzman letter to "John", 23/04/1965: "I always come back to Cape Town thinking that the Government cannot possibly think up more contentious issues, and, needless to say, I am always wrong. This year we have been full of nonsense about mixed entertainments and, of course, Vorster has had a couple of his ugly little brain-children on the Order Paper."; 30/04/1965 Helen Suzman letter to Prof. Robert Birley requesting information on African education for her to use during the "Bantu Education" vote; 13/05/1965 letter from Deryck Humphries (who's writing the history of Benoni) about the 1958 election and the campaign waged by the United Party (including Helen Suzman) against the socialist Leo Lovell.

General: chronological May-June 1966

  • ZA HPRA A2084-M-Mb-Mb2-Mb2.5-Mb2.5.1-Mb2.5.1.2
  • Bestanddeel
  • May-June 1966
  • Part of Helen Suzman Papers

06/05/1966 letter from Mrs. Alicia Toxie Mqota who fled to Bechuanaland in November 1965 and asks Helen Suzman to help her get her nursing certificates back from the Special Branch at Meadowlands police station; 11/05/1966 Helen Suzman to her secretary Barbara: "I am busy having my old choppers fixed firmly in my jaw — hideous four-hourly sessions with the dentist. I dare say when the last molar is riveted firmly in my jaw I shall either be run over by a number 5 bus or shot dead by a maddened Rhodesian frontier guard"; 12/05/1966 reply to Paul Jacobs of Ramparts magazine concerning his investigation into Engelhard Industries in SA; 13/05/1966 telex from Jackie Beck with statistics of people detained / charged / tried under 90 days and Suppression of Communism Act in 1965-1966; October 1965 — May 1966 correspondence concerning Dr. Gerald Doyle of Wits University Psychology Dept., and the effect of his banning order on his ongoing research; 'fan mail' from ex-180 day detainee Mrs. Doreen Tucker; 30/05/1966 letter re continuing banishment of Chief Paulus Mopeli; 21/06/1966 Helen Suzman letter to the UK concerning 180-day detainee Melville Fletcher; 14/06/ 1966 letter to Helen Suzman from the [Neville] Alexander Defense Committee in New York; 20/06/1966 letter to Mrs V.M. Beales, Yorkshire UK, re situation of banished people in SA; 28/06/1966 from Rose Magid about a recipe book to which Helen Suzman has contributed.

General: chronological September-November 1966

  • ZA HPRA A2084-M-Mb-Mb2-Mb2.5-Mb2.5.1-Mb2.5.1.4
  • Bestanddeel
  • September-November 1966
  • Part of Helen Suzman Papers

July-September 1966 correspondence concerning 2 'mental' patients R.W. Campbell and F.P. Botha; September 1966 correspondence concerning the incident right after Verwoerd was stabbed in Parliament when P.W. Botha rushed over to Helen Suzman and said (her own words) " "Now it's war, it's these liberalists, we will get them all ... The liberalists and the communists — now it's war ..." He then turned to me and brandishing his finger he said to me "It's you, you and the liberalists — you are responsible for this — you are inciting them — you." "; various items of correspondence from Helen Suzman commenting on the Improper Interference Bill, the Universities Bills, the "disbarring of legal men under the Anti-Communist Amendment Bill"; September October 1966 correspondence concerning the refusal of a permit to Bishop Crowther to visit the Taung District (see also above) and reaction to the assassination of Verwoerd; 10/10/1966 letter to Helen Suzman from a coloured man in Durban, John Montierer, about 'Indians' "having more areas proclaimed for their occupation than us Coloureds should be legally entitled to encroach [sic] on our area to trade in order to enrich themselves from the pockets of the Coloured community."; October 1966 letters concerning banning of people post their release from prison; November 1966 correspondence concerning the rights of African women in urban areas plus 2 cuttings, one concerning correspondent Mrs. Sophie Mabison; 08/11/1966 letter from Mrs. Joyce Harris to the (London) Sunday Times about the concept of "majority rule" in Africa; October — November 1966 correspondence concerning a reference for a Rhodes Scholarship for Robin Margo.

Departmental correspondence February-August 1966

  • ZA HPRA A2084-M-Mb-Mb2-Mb2.5-Mb2.5.2-Mb2.5.2.1
  • Bestanddeel
  • February-August 1966
  • Part of Helen Suzman Papers

Including: April 1965 — February 1966 the continuing case of Patrick Nofomele / Nofemele (expelled from Lovedale, in Wellington for 3 years with no permit to stay, work or study); February 1966 case of coloured teacher Mr. Brian Lundall who has been refused a passport 4 times and wants to go and teach in Zambia; 08/02/1966 Helen Suzman to Vorster requesting that John Laredo (jailed for 5 years under Sabotage Act) be allowed to complete his PhD; 10/02/1966 Helen Suzman to Commissioner of Prisons enquiring whether the state or prisoner's families are responsible for supplying and paying for spectacles ("eye-glasses"); 14/03/1966 letter from Ministry of the Interior to Helen Suzman saying not prepared to issue passports to Chief [Gatsha] Buthelezi and Mr. Knowledge Guzana, in an earlier letter [attached] Buthelezi says " ... Chiefs are the 'traditional leaders' when it suits them [the authorities] and if one doesn't say 'Ja Baas' sufficiently he is treated the same way as the so-called 'Agitators'; May 1966 the question of a passport for David Schneider; July-August 1966 the cases of the mutilation of the corpses of Vivien Maduna and Jack Mehlo [NB: 4 very gruesome photos attached — of the corpses); July - August 1966 the case of Mr. Siki Ebrahim who was sacked from his teaching position; 18/08/1966 letter from Livy J. Rabalao requesting further funding for "a few personal articles" so he can go to Canada.

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