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South African Police, Van Reenen records
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Common assault, absence without leave, malicious injury to property, pass law, inward pans law, East coast fever regulations, contra-dagga ordinance, stock theft, withholding wages, common theft, cruelty to animals, theft of revolver and ground sheet, dog tax, murder, trespass, kaffir beer law, housebreaking and theft, assault with intent, rape, railways and harbours regulations.

Divisional - Pietermaritzburg

The searching of prisoners, instructions regarding persons sent to hospital by the police, application for enrolment for Force, promotion examination, standing orders - Criminal Investigation Dept., medical health.

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District surgeons and police, applications for sick leave, attestation - Indian, Coloured and Native members off the Force, service of criminal process on Sundays and Public Holidays, members of the Force contracting debts, stolen stock disposed of in Johannesburg market, leave -"technical break", occupation of police quarters by members of Force on leave, complaints against police by public, course of training with police dogs.

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