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Abrahams, Yvonne

  • Person

Yvonne Silbert was born in Krugersdorp In 1926. Before she was twenty she wrote a musical play called 'Take It or Leave It!' The play was produced in Johannesburg by Norah Taylor in August 1948.

Yvonne Silbert travelled around the reef teaching Speech and Drama, and acted in amateur theatre productions in South Africa. A play she wrote about Crippen was presented on Springbok Radio.

In 1950 Yvonne Silbert married Rupert Abrahams, an attorney. Two weeks later she contracted poliomyelitis and was confined to a wheelchair for the rest of her life. She regained the use of one hand but composed no more songs as she could no longer play the piano.

She continued to write plays and short stories. Most of her time was taken up with teaching speech and drama, and she produced a number of Shakespearean plays at Afrikaans high schools.

She died in 1975

Adams, Fiona

  • Person
  • 21st century

Fiona Adams was the former Chairperson of the End Conscription Campaign (ECC), Grahamstown off-campus branch.

Adams, Henry

  • Person
  • 19th century

Reverend Henry Adams was one of four men who came to South Africa in 1878 with Henry Brougham Bousfield, who became the first Bishop of the Diocese of Pretoria.


  • Corporate body

The weekly newspaper "Advance" was the successor to the newspaper "Guardian" and was published under this name from November 1952 to October 1954.

Brian Bunting, who became managing editor of the "Guardian" in September 1948, had changed the name of the newspaper from "Guardian" to "Clarion" between May to August 1952, after which it was named "Advance". In October 1954 the name was changed again to "New Age", and from December 1962 to March 1963, after the banning of "New Age" the newspaper was published as "Spark". The final edition of "Spark" appeared on the 28 March 1963, after the banning of its editor and other people like Sonia Bunting, Rica Hodgson, Wolfie Kodesh, Ruth First and Fred Carneson, amongst many others.


  • Corporate body
  • 1982-1992

Afrapix was a collective agency of amateur and professional photographers who documented Apartheid South Africa through their photographs in the 1980s. At its height there were 20 members, and up to 60 "stringers" which had an affiliation and would do projects for Afrapix.

Aids Law Project

  • Corporate body
  • 2007-

AIDS LAW PROJECT (ALP) is a non-governmental organization which works exclusively to promote equal rights and justice for people living with HIV and AIDS. ALP focuses on using legal strategies to advance health rights for people living with and affected by HIV and AIDS. It was founded by lawyers whose desire was to give back to society, through applying their legal expertise in assisting people living with HIV and AIDS to acquire equal rights and treatment.

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