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Submission by ALP, AIDS Consortium and Treatment Action Campaign to Parliament, February 2002; email from Jonathan Berger comparing the regulation-making performed by the dept. of health compared to that of Home Affairs.

By Petrus Henricus de Koerber

Dlssertatio inauguralls medics de medicamentis urinam moventibus ex classe sedantium quam consentiente gratioso medicorum ordine in studiorum universitate ALtorfira pro gradu doctoris. Altorfii, typis Hesselianis 22p.

Various items

A2.1 Hongaarsche Goudleeningen (1881 - 1893)
A2.2 International Judicial Collecting & Trust Company August 1890
A2.3 Telegram 20th November 1890
A2.4 Leydsdorp 12th February 1891
A2.5 De Nederlandsche Bank 1892
A2.6 Myn Commissions - 31st December 1894
A2.7 Myn Commissions - 17th May 1895
A2.8 Myn Commissions - 30th May 1895
A2.9 The Eastern lottery Syndicate 1895
A2.10 Myn Commissions - 18th June 1895
A2.11 Myn Commissions - 20th july 1895
A2.12 Eersten Volksraad - 25th july 1895
A2.13 Astor Berncastle - 12th December 1895
A2.14 Plechtige Beroeting - 17th February 1896
A2.15 Department in Pretoria - 27th August 1896
A2.16 Legalisation Signatures - 28th November 1896
A2.17 Gezondheids Department - 7th April 1897
A2.18 Permit - 2nd November 1897
A2.19 A letter - 28th March 1898
A2.20 Newspaper Cuttings - 23rd August 1898
A2.21 Certificate of De Witt Hamer -- 16th March 1898
A2.22 Gala - Maaltijd Grand Hotel - 22nd September 1898
A2.23 Extra Trein Ticket - 23rd - 25th September 1898
A2.24 Kantoor van den Superintended van Naturellen - 24th February 1899
A2.25 Agenda - Beschrijvings Punten - 16th March 1899
A2.26 Gouvernements Kantoor - Pretoria - 17th March 1899
A2.26 A letter - 23rd March 1899
A2.27 kantoor van den Superintended van Naturellen - 27th April 1899
A2.28 De Laatste Kabel - 12th August 1899
A2.29 Hoofd van Dienst onderdeel - 29th September 1899
A2.30 Kantoor van de Commandant - General - 30th September 1899
A2.31 Telegrams 4th April and 27th April 1900
A2.32 Telegrams 14th May and 17th May 1900
A2.33 Military Governor's Office 5th November 1900
A2.34 Deadwood Kamp - 12th December 1900
A2.35 48 - Hour Pass - 18th January 1901
A2.36 Lentonic hall - 12th April 1901
A2.37 Rotterdam - 16th June 1901
A2.38 Deadwood Kamp - 2nd September 1901
A2.39 St. Helena note: 1902
A2.40 Passport - 22nd March 1903
A2.41 Permit to land - 1st December 1903
A2.42 Benefactor of the World and " HET VOLK" - 1904
A2.43 Education in the late South African Republic and in the Transvaal - August 1905
A2.44 Officer Commanding Army Service Corps - 14th June 1907
A2.45 Parole & Pass - 12th December 1907
A2.46 Translation of threatening letter - 12th June 1912
A2.47 De Nederlandsche bank Amsterdam - 31st July 1912
A2.48 Government Ground Mining District of Barberton from 31st October 1912 to 31st January 1913
A2.49 Telegram - 30th September 1920
A2.50 Continuous Centrifugals limited 27th February 1922
A2.51 De Nederlandsche bank Amsterdam - 25th April 1922
A2.52 Persoonlik Johannesburg - 26th September 1922
A2.53 Kantoor van de Eerste Minister 19th October 1922
A2.54 Kwitantie van onderpand - 8th February 1923
A2.55 Consulaat der Nederlanden - 1st November 1923
A2.56 Engineer and soldier Major Swinburne retiring - 9th November 1923
A2.57 Weledelgester Consul der Nederlander 3rd December 1923

Leather case items

A1.1 Extracts regarding life & career of B. G. Verselewel de Witt Hamer born in 1855 - 1930
A1.2 BORGACTE - 1885
A1.3 B.G. Verselewel De Witt Hamer information from : 1886 - 1897
A1.4 Marriage certificate of Boudewyn Gerrit Verselewel De Witt Hamer to Gladys Disteli on the 10th April 1897
A1.5 Government - Office in Pretoria 27th November 1894
A1.6 Restaurant Riche Amsterdam Menu 31 March 1896
A1.7 Parcel to be send to Museum in Barberton 1898
A1.8 Department van Buitenlandsche Zaken 1st October 1898
A1.9 Diary of Commandant B.G. de Witt Hamer later vesion written in Russia 5th November 1899
A1.10 Telegram 18th January 1900
A1.11 Camp Simon Town 9th February 1900
A1.12 Letter from A.G.Mawatle captain for Staff Officer for Prisoners Warder to B.G.De Witt Hamer 26th April 1900
A1.13 Passport for Mrs. Hamer 18th May 1900
A1.14 Cheque from Gladys Verselewel De Witt Hamer 28th September 1900
A1.15 Permission is granded to Captain de Witt Hamer to visit General L. Cronje at Kamp Cottages 13th January 1901
A1.16 A letter to Miss Disdelli 28th March 1901
A1.17 A cheque received by Gladys de Witt Hamer 25th April 1901
A1.18 Train ticket was received by Miss Distelli from B.G. De Witt Hamer 25th April 1901
A1.19 Permission is granded to Captain de Witt Hamer to visit General L. Cronje at Kamp Cottages 7th May 1901
A1.20 Special Pass for Wickel Gate 11th January 1902
A1.21 Meeting of Captain de Witt Hamer with General Cronje at Kamp Cottages 2nd April 1902
A1.22 Draft message of P.O.Ws St. Helena to be sent to the King & Queen Allendse,England 15th April 1902
A1.23 Letter to Honourable Colonel Commanding Troops Deadwood Camp 15 April 1902
A1.24 Donors are specially requested not to send clothing from houses where there has been illness 28th July 1902
A1.25 Prisoner of War St. Helena 29 August 1902
A1.26 The fruits of our sacrifices 20th October 1902
A1.27 Permit to enter and reside in the Transvaal and Orange river colony 24th December 1902

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