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Silas Thelensho Molema and Solomon Tshekisho Plaatje Papers Dossier Avec objets numériques
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Correspondence and petitions presented to Joseph Chamberlain, Secretary of State for the Colonies on the occasion of his visit to Mafeking in 1903, expressing the loyalty of the tribe to the British Government prior to coming under their rule and throughout the South African War and the siege of Mafeking in particular; the petitioners draw Chamberlain's attention to the fact that prior to 1873 they occupied the Polfontein Reserve in the Transvaal and were subsequently expelled; after the relief of Mafeking they approached Major General Baden-Powell and the Civil Commissioner of Mafeking Mr Bell requesting that the Polfontein Reserve be granted to them in recognition of the services rendered by the tribe; they protest against efforts to annex Bechuanaland and to the Transvaal.

In a supplementary petition they draw his attention to their privilege of being under the jurisdiction of the Paramount Chief and subject to Native Laws; that they should not be deprived of lands preserved for the tribe in the Bechuanaland Protectorate; negate fears in South Africa of a native uprising, confirming their loyalty; recognise the labour problem in South Africa and draw attention to the fact that their young men are working in the mines and suggest the increase in wages to enable them to live. Includes a list of headmen and councillors of the Barolong, and accounts sent to Sol T Plaatje by the attorneys who drew up the petitions.

Documentg detailing boundaries of farm Coed Hope belonging to Wessels Montsioa. undated 1 page.



Green, E Graham.

Jameson, Leander Starr Welsh, E C.

May, Barry.

Pringle, C S.

Stubbs, C C.

Wenham, Charles.


Tribal affairs; opposition to dog tax; collection of hut tax; 1903 July petition against the alienation of their land; prevention of the spread of contagious diseases among members of the tribe; controlling the spread of disease among cattle and livestock; evidence to be given to the Inter-Colonial South African Native Affairs Commission in 1904 September ; dealings with British government officials; visit of Lord Roberts to Mafeking, 1904 September ; 1905 March petition against incorporation of Native Reserve within boundaries of Mafeking; erection of fence between native reserve and farms; granting of licenses to establish private locations on farms; granting of permits to possess ammunition; typed letter signed from Dr L S Jameson, 1907 Jan 7, expressing the hope that his administration will advance the welfare of the native population; programme of the visit of the Duke of Connaught and Princess Louise in 1910.


1907 July 9. Agreement between Badirile Montsioa {Chief of the Barolong), Jeremiah Moses, Phillip Moseana, Kgosimane and Johannes (four natives of the Barolong tribe) of the first part, and the Rhodesia Railways, Limited, of the second part, whereas by British Bechuanaland Proclamation 199 of 1894, a strip of land, 100 yards in width, was granted to the contracting parties of the second part for the purpose of a railway, and whereas the encroachment exists upon the said 100 yards strip vested in the Rhodesia Railways, Ltd., the Rhodesia Railways, Ltd., agrees to allow certain buildingsto remain on the strip of land upon certain stipulated conditions. Encl. typescript copy. 3p.

Encloses diagrams A & B of the encroachment on Rhodesia. Railways Property, 41 x 33 cm.

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