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Papers of Howard Pim sub-subsubseries
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Minutes of Executive Committee, 1933 November 20.

Minutes of Standing Committee on non-European nursing training and employment, 1933 October 7.


Including the following:

Draft questionnaire for general use re Native Economic Commission. 9 pages Mimeog. December 1930.

Preliminary draft questionnaire on urban native economic and social questions. 10 pages Mimeog. December 1930.

Joint Coloured and European Conference, Cape Town. Minutes and Reports of Finding Committees. 13 pages Mimeog. 1933 June 26-28.

Johannesburg campaign. 12 pages Ts. 1933 October 31.

Report of the Hon. Organiser on women's work. 1933 December.

Fourth Annual report. 11 pages Ts. 1933 December.


Programme of Conference, 1927 January 31-February 2, 1 page printed.

Resolutions on Lands Bill, the Economic position of the native and the Union Native Council Bill. 3 pages Ts.

General resolutions. 1 page Mimeog.

Memorandum on the need for information on social and economic conditions of native life by J.D.R. Jones. 2 pages Ts.

The land question in S.Africa by J.D.R. Jones. 17 pages Mimeog.

The Natives Land Act Amendment Bill. 11 pages Mimeog.

Economic position of the native. 9 pages Ts. + Ms. notes, 13 pages.

Evidence submitted by the Rev. J. Henderson, Principal of Lovedale. 7 pages Ts.

The Union Native Council Bill, by Alexander Kerr. 7 pages Ts.



Minutes of meetings, 14 items, 1921-1932 (incomplete).

Minutes of Sub committee on Education, 1 item, 1921 August 11.

Minutes of Sub Committee on Housing, 1 item, 1923 February 8.


Including the following:

Report of Sub Committee on Pass Laws, 1 page, mimeograph, 1921 August 17.

Report of Wages Committee, 6 pages, typescript, 1921 August 13.

Report of Select Committee appointed by Witwatersrand Native Advisory Boards Association to report on Native Urban Areas Bill, 6 pages + 2 pages Addendum by H. Selby Msimang, mimeograph, 1922 February 19.

Report of Pass Law Committee on Native Registration and Protection Bill, 2 pages manuscript + 4 pages mimeograph, 1923.

Native (Urban Areas Bill). Report by H. Pim, 5 pages, typescript, 1923.

Report by M.O.H. to Public Health Committee, reference to relegation of single natives to Jubilee, Salisbury C. Wemmer compounds. Sgd. C. Porter, 4 pages, mimeos, 1923 January 26.

Report of Sub Committee on Native Marriage Bill, mimeograph, 1923 September 14.

Report by Dr. H.L. Bernstein on Klipsprutc Native Location, 2 pages, mimeograph, 1930.

Report of M.O.H. on the Public Health and sanitary circumstances of Johannesburg during the year 1 July 1923-30 June 1929. By Dr. A.J. Milne. 28 pages printed, 1930 March.

Report on the housing of natives in Durban and peri-Durban areas, 6 pages, mimeograph, 1930 September.

Report on visit to Klipspruit Location. Sgd. H.L. Bernstein, 3 pages, typescript, 1930 December 9.

Report on complaints by residents in the Western native township. Sgd. Walter Webber, 13 pages, mimeograph, 1932 April 21.

Report on the issue of letters of exemption from native law, issued by Durban Joint Council, 2 pages, typescript, undated.

Report of Housing Sub-Committee. 11 pages mimeographg, undated.

Native Housing Committee, 1 page, undated.

Native Sub Committee on lawlessness among Johannesburg Natives. 10 pages, mimeograph, undated.


Including the following:

On passes. 3 pages typescript. 1924 January 11.

Native Economic Commission 1 page typescript 1930.

On financing of native education. 11 pages mimeograph 1933 September 11.

Memoranda, Notes etc.

Including the following:

On Native Marriages Act. 1 page 1920.

Durban Native Beer Fund. 1 page typescript. (with note from R. Phillips to O.D. Schreiner) 1921.

Questions arising out of recent native affairs etacement. 1 page mimeograph 1923.

Notes on draft regulations under Section 12 of Native Urban Areas Act. 3 pages mimeograph 1923 December 7.

Note on native policy. 10 pages typescript. 1924 November l.

Yearly report on Bloemfontein locations. Sgd. J.Cooper. 9 pages mimeograph 1927 April 1.

Native industrial conditions and the I.G.U. Sgd.J.D.R. Jones. 2 pages mimeograph 1927 October 13.

The organisation of natives in industry, to be discussed with the Minister of Labour. 6 pages typescript. 1927 December 14.

Submission to Public Service Commission re Native Conmissionership of Johannesburg. 1 + 2 pages 1925.

Native Service Contract Bill. 6 pages mimeograph + 2 pages typescript. 1930 July 7.

Questionnaire for Magistrates. 7 pages mimeograph 1931.

Representative Commission on native affairs. 2 pages undated.

Notes on native labour. 4 pages typescript. undated.

Native education and development. 1 page typescript. undated.

Appeal for funds for Council. 1 page mimeograph undated.

Memorandum re segregation. 10 pages typescript undated.

Mining Industry Board. 15 pages mimeograph undated.

Undated Discharged prisoners, prevention of crime etc.mans natives. typed mimeographs undated.

Memorandum on East London Joint Council. 1 page typescript. undated.

Bloemfontein. 6 pages Mimeograph, undated.

Notes on the history of the Joint Council by LPH". 6 pages manuscript undated.


Town and country natives by J.U.R. Jones, 4 pages, typescript.

Address by J. Henderson, 19 pages, typescript.

Address by H. Pitt on the native question, 29 pages, typescript & manuscript.