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South African Police, Van Reenen records
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Patrol Reports

Monthly Patrol Reports from October 1916 to August 1924 at Van Reenen Area, Harrismith District 33, with number of patrols, number of farms visited, mileage, grand total of N. C. O's average miles and men on station per man per diem, mounted, with special instructions to patrol and patrol's remarks on visits.

Divisional Orders

OFS Divisional Orders No. 26 of 1917/18 containing subject of transfers allowances, leave, animals, police post, dismissals, posting of recruits, search for stolen stock and produce, SAP Provident Fund, salaries, cessation of lance rank, duty, casualties in families of Force, rewards and commendations, dogs, motor cycles, vehicles, fingerprints, horse care, unnecessary violence in effecting arrests, injuries, amendment of union military code, promotion, re-engagement, rations to native prisoners, rail warrants issue, protection of wild birds, punishment, detective probationer's allowance, telegrams, dress orders, wheel tax ordinance No. 4 of 1916, ordinance stores, responsibility of members in court cases, King's police medal, new police districts and posts, private effects of prisoners.

Re-addressing of the "Nonquai" magazine, disposal of "Found" property ; lotteries and raffles warning, deaths of constables, Spanish flu, kit inspection, holiday concessions, handwriting experts, dress orders, forage, treatment of native chiefs at their kraals, police animals suffering from Lampas, missing railway tarpaulins, acceptance of bail, re-distribution of officers, franking, chevrons from overseas military service, army reservists, Indian, Coloured and Native employers, promotions, overdue municipal accounts, escorts to lepers, leave restrictions.

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