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Correspondents: P.C. Cilliers, F.R. Emery, Eugenie (Princess Radziwill of Greece), C.H.R. Horwood, G. Rood, J. van Reenen.


Congratulations on his radio talk "Why South Africa fights" Congratulations on his speech in the no-confidence debate in parliament.

Criticism of Hofmeyr's support of the Roman Catholic Church.

Establishment of civilian guard units under the control of Civilian Protection Services.


Correspondents: L. Blackwell, J. Conradie, P.E. Evans, C.J. Gardner, J.A. Gray, A. Hamilton, M. Hofmeyr, C.H.R. Horwood. J.D. Rheinallt Jones, L. Maingard, J. Martin, F.A.C. Millard, B. Solomon, R. Stuttaford, H. Tucker, J.E. Turvey.


Congratulations on a fair budget and a good speech.

Disappointment felt by Blackwell at being excluded from the cabinet.

J.D. Rheinallt Jones' decision not to stand again for the Senate, to allow more time for the S.A. Institute of Race Relations.

Hofmeyr's appointment as acting Prime Minister during Smuts' absence.

Resignation of R. Stuttaford.


Correspondents: T. Boydell, H.P. Cruse, C.A. Hadley, J.B.M. Hertzog, C. Hofmeyr, H. Hofmeyr, B.K. Long, G.A. Hay, R. Jackson, D.F. Malan, J. Neilson, J.A. Neser, H.W. Sampson, H.W.J. van der Brugge.


Composition of the Johannesburg Hospital Board.

Help for sufferers of miners phthisis.

Provincial Council's demand that Hofmeyr resign as administrator Abolition of the Employers Tax.

Includes an exchange of telegrams between Hofmeyr and the Prime Minister re the tabling in parliament of correspondence between them on Hofmeyr's position as administrator and publicising it in the press. Also drafts of letters to Boydell and Hertzog which were not sent.


Correspondents: E. Balogh, G.W. Blake, Chemical Workers Industrial Union, F. Clarke, E.A. Conroy, Bishop C. Ferguson-Davie, S. Frankel, C.J. Gardner, J.A. Gray, S. Hayden, G.A. Heard, M. Hofmeyr, M. Honikman, G.J. Hugo, J. Hubback, M. Janisch, J.D. Rheinallt Jones, S.A. Khan, H. Laver, H. Lawrence, H. Le May, W. Madeley, L. Maingard, B.M. Narbeth, Sir E. Oppenheimer, E. Patel, L. Reitz, O.D. Schreiner, C.J. Sibbett, B. Solomon, E. Solomon, J. Stein, Transvaal Indian Congress, A. Trollip, J.W.E. Venables, J.E. Vogt.


Congratulations on Hofmeyr's opposition to the Asiatic Bill, particularly from the Indian community.

Congratulations on retaining his seat at the parliamentary election.

Comments on Smuts' proposals for the western democracies to join with the British Commonwealth.

Includes many telegrams of congratulations and encouragement to Hofmeyr and draft letters by Hofmeyr to the Prime Minister on Hofmeyr's position regarding the Asiatic Bill and offer to resign. Also translation of an editorial in the Chinese Consular Gazette on the Bill.


Correspondents: E.H. Brookes, N.J. de Wet, J.A. Gray, J.D. Rheinallt Jones, Rev J.C.G. Kotze, Marie (Princess of Greece), J. Marwick, L.H. Samuels, C.F. Stallard, J.W.E. Venables.


Congratulations on Hofmeyr's budget speech.

Question of his political future.

Asiatic Bill and Hofmeyr's threatened resignation.

General Smuts' eulogy on Greece when Athens was liberated Hofmeyr's visit to North Africa.

Includes letters from Hofmeyr to C.F. Stallard on Smuts' request for the Dominion Party to vote for the Asiatic Bill and to L.H. Samuels on taxation.


Correspondents: E. Balogh, N. Bennet, L. Blackwell, Sir R.L. Burnett, W.H. Clark, J.P. Cope, N.J. de Wet, Eugenie (Princess Radziwill of Greece), Bishop C.J. Ferguson-Davie, S.H. Frankel, W. Hills, Sir J. Hubback, J.D. Rheinallt Jones, L. Karovsky, L. Maingard, P. Millin, A.V. Murray, L.D.E. Murray, V. Norton, Sir E. Oppenheimer, Bishop W. Parker, G. Saron, C.J. Sibbett, D.L. Smit, J.C. Smuts, B. Solomon, S. Solomon, M. Steyn, F.C. Sturrock, O. Swales.


History of how "coolies" were introduced into Natal.

Death of Edwin Swales, V.C.

Congratulations on Hofmeyr's victory broadcast.

Thanks from the United Party for Hofmeyr's wartime leadership.

Congratulations on the HoundatedC.L. conferred by Oxford.

Fear that the government will be defeated at the 1948 election.

Congratulations on being made a privy councillor.

Congratulations on his speech on race relations.

Includes exchange of letters between Hofmeyr and Smuts on the formation of a coloured fighting brigade, copy of part of a letter from Sir A. Zimmern to L. Curtis on the part played by South Africans at the UNESCO conference, a note listing cabinet offices with names against each and a press cutting on Mrs Hofmeyr.


Correspondents: C.K. Allen, E. Balogh, E.H. Brookes, O. Bull, Sir R.L. Burnett, H.P. Cruse, R. de Villiers. Bishop C.F. Ferguson-Davie, B. Gie, H. Gluckman, B. Hofmeyr, J.D. Rheinallt Jones, Bishop A. Karney, H. Lawrence, A. Lazarus, A.L. Lindsay, C.H. Malcomess, A. Mansbridge, L. Marquard, C.F. Miles-Cadman, Marie (Princess of Greece), M. Perham, D.J. Retief, C.S. Richards, I.W. Schlesinger, C. Sibbett, B. Solomon, J.R. Sullivan, Sir H. Wallington, J.J. Wylie.


Congratulations on his budget and on parliamentary speeches Hofmeyr's election as an Hon. Fellow of Balliol and as an Hon. Bencher of Gray's Inn.

Future of the Natives Representative Council.

African Mine Workers' strike.

Hofmeyr's stand on the need for Non-European representation in parliament and the possibility of his forming a new party.

Includes an article by E.H. Brookes 'Racial tension in South Africa' published in the Manchester Guardian and Hofmeyr's comments on it.


Correspondents: E. Balogh, E.H. Brookes, A.H. Bunting, J.P. Cope, H.P. Cruse, J.D. Rheinallt Jones, L. Karovsky, A.D. Lindsay, W. Nicol, A. Steinhobel, T. Strong, World's Student Christian Federation.


Congratulations on Hofmeyr's speech on the Malan motion.

Natives Representative Council.

Balliol Boys Club and the naming of a house after Hofmeyr.

Fear that the United Party's declining popularity will bring an electoral defeat.

Election of Hofmeyr as life vice-president of the Oxford Society. Praise of Hofmeyr's classical scholarship and statesmanship.

Election of Hofmeyr as vice-president of World's Alliance of Y.M.C.A.s.

Includes a note on Sir Stafford Cripps by Hofmeyr and a list of Masters of the Bench at Gray's Inn (including Hofmeyr).


Correspondents: Dr G.H. Alabaster, R. Anderson, P. Auret, C. Beyers, E.H. Brookes, R. Byrne, G.H. Calpin, L. Campling, J.D. Cloete, P. Clouts, J.D. Cope, C.W. Cousins, H.P. Cruse, R.R. Currie, A.G. Douglas, L.J. du Plessis, H. Edinger, A.S. Frames, S.H. Frankel, A. Goldberg, W.R. Gordon, J.A. Gray, F. Hattingh, A.T. Hennessy, A.S. Hersov, K. Howard-Browne, J.D. Rheinallt Jones, R.D. Pilkington Jordan, Bishop A. Karney, L. Karovsky, M. Kentridge, K. Kirkwood, H. Le May, A.G. Long, Lord Luke, T. Macdonald, L. Maingard, E.G. Malherbe, A. Mansbridge, L. Marquard, A.P. Minnaar, D.E. Mitchell, J. Moore S.G. Osler, C.J.G. Pearton, R.G. Pillay (Sec. Indian Boy Scouts Association), V.G. Pillay, D.W. Pritchard, H.R. Raikes, H. Ramsbottom, F. Reid, Lt. Col. K. Rood, G. Schmolke, H.S. Scott, O.L. Shearer, H.O. Simon (Sec. Independent Cultural Association), D.L. Smit, I. Stern, M. Steyn, F. Struben, E. Stubbs, H. Suzman, R.H. Swale, I.G. Thomas, S.V. van Breda, A. van Lingen, R. Warmsley, Q. Whyte, F. Brett Young.


Post-war problems.

Pirow's neutrality during the war and his plan for Britain and Germany to unite against Russia.

1948 election: defeat of the United Party, congratulations to Hofmeyr on retaining his seat and charges in the press that his liberalism lost the election for the party.

Question of Hofmeyr forming a new liberal party.

Need to reorganise the United Party.

Entertainment of the Melbourne Cricket Club.

Apartheid and its effect on the economy.

Government policy on emigration from Britain.

Hofmeyr's speech on Havenga's budget.

Formation of Hyde Park Mixed United Party Branch.

Political analysis of nationalist doctrine.

Lack of educational facilities for Port Elizabeth Indians.

Establishment of an Afrikaans daily newspaper.

Biographical notes on A.I. Kajee.

Includes many invitations to present prizes, address educational institutions and attend United Party meetings.


Correspondents: S. Evans, F.J. Le Roux (Sec. , Algemeen Nederlandsch Verbond), A.C.G. Lloyd, A. Nichols.


Complaint that out of six lectures given by Hofmeyr only one was in Dutch.

Congratulations on his Ebden Prize essay on public debts.

Regret that Hofmeyr is leaving Johannesburg to take up an appointment with the University of Cape Town.

Includes draft letter from Hofmeyr to S. Evans concerning his leaving the South African School of Mines.

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