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South African Police, Van Reenen records
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Boarding of unserviceable equipment, death of police animals, escorts to lepers, instructions to articles to Gov. Labs. for forensic purposes, Rife Naylor's Lotteries (Delagoa Bay Money Currency and other lotteries, entry of natives from Basutoland into Natal, closing of financial year, educational standard of recruits for SAP, illicit liquor traffic, promotion, stock theft, gambling, horse duty roster, query on ownership of goat, sick horse, government orders relating to transport, first reports of serious crime, forwarding of specimens in anthrax cases, medical syringe, list of machinery users, Public Service Commission of Enquiry, typist and stenographer for Divisional Headquarters, noxious weeds, civil messengers' fees, vermin hunt clubs, notification and treatment of snake bite.

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