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South African Police, Van Reenen records
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South African Police, Van Reenen records

  • ZA HPRA A1352
  • Fundos
  • 1903 - 1927

Contains correspondence, circulars, telegrams, orders, duty and occurrence books, patrol reports, case dockets, charge sheets, lost and found lists, returns and statements.
Subjects are poll and dog tax, stock disease and theft, crime, registration of voters, agricultural census and the administration of the police at Van Reenen.

South African Police

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Completion of major and minor works, elections, members of Force tried by magistrates, class grading of constables, issuing of railway holiday certificates, requisitions, recruiting, appointing of special escort constables, economy, fingerprints of juveniles, marriage, damage to premises occupied by S.A.P., use of designation 'Cape Coloured' instead of 'Cape Boy'.

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Stock thefts, subsistence allowance, rules and opinions on laws of the ORC, native passes, index to general orders, holding of violent death inquiries, issuing of railway warrants, examination for promotion to Corporal. - Dutch, veterinary, saddlery, requisitions.

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Directions for use of Blue-Tongue vaccine, register of charges investigated, stolen stock, warrant of arrest, veterinary inspection, native families, Schoondraai, safe registers, appointment of special constables to arrest persons liable to detention, tenders for supplies, Govt. Notice No. 1366, financial instruction No. 202 annexure, instruction re poll and dog tax collection, sheep stolen or lost.

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Unserviceable equipment, supplies, service of criminal subpoenas on witnesses for circuit court, quality and terms of delivery for free rail contracts, trees for planting at S.A.P., typhus precautions, wearing of uniforms by returned members of native labour contingent, closing off accounts, financial instruction, No. 4, war bonus, application for awaiting trial prisoners, equipment - post, disinfectant fluid, treatment of police horses suffering from Lampas, recruiting for SAP, care of Duplex machines, care of harness and saddlery, transfers, binoculars on charge to station, economy in use of government stationery, arms and ammunition, surplus of forage, destruction of dogs, Cost of Living Commission, ex-police active comforts fund, cost of living, arrest of naval ratings, completion of works at police stations, return of patrol, Public Service Commission of Enquiry Local Allowances and War Bonuses, retirements, income tax 1918 -assistance of police, Commission of Enquiry on Public Service, maintenance of Graves Trust Fund, medical examination of applicants for employment in SAP, correspondence conveyed through the post free of charge, sale of liquor to Basutoland chiefs, medical attendance to members of the Force when on leave, post equipment, alleged theft by false pretences, outbreak of scab, issue of rail warrants, sports meeting S.A.P. - Bloemfontein, horses -reports, issue of warrants of apprehension, war position, spare stretcher, night passes for native women.

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Standing Committees, estate of late A. J. Louw of Hamilton, employment of motor transport for official purposes, emergency duty - Rand, SAP Orphans Fund, stop orders to insurance companion, lose of saddlery, clothing on repayment, criminal statistics, need for economy, rations to detainees in police lock-ups, claims for fees at police lock- ups, claim for hire of horses, married establishment of the Force, requisition articles on repayment, the Nonquai, stamp duty on receipts, pauper burials, first reports of serious crime, sending of productions to government laboratories for examination for forensic purposes, shoeing of police animals, SAP hospital patients, stock casualties -recent blizzard, farm register, medical attendance, private use of official telephone connection, creation and control off sport in SAP, stamp duty on receipts, contributions to the Union Defence, Police and Prisons Services Pension Fund, divorces.


Correspondence and memoranda re registration of voters, first biennial registration of voters, voters roll and revision, names of farms and farmers including Van Reenen, Paulina, De Beers, Braamhoek, Colinge Pass and. Bosch Hook.

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