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Correspondents: G. Hills, T. McKenzie, D.F. Malan, Dr G.J.M. Melle, Rev. C. Phillips, E. Stubbs, N.H. Theunissen, W. Thomson, Witwatersrand.

Church Council.


Thanks from clergy for limiting racing on public roads to certain days, and never on Sundays.

Election of Hofmeyr as Vice-Chancellor of the University of the Witwatersrand.

Congratulations on speeches made by Hofmeyr.

Terms of reference for a commission to consider a new flag.

Includes draft of letter to Hills from Hofmeyr refuting the allegation in the press that, while claiming to be non-party, Hofmeyr was in sympathy with the minority in the Provincial Council. Also notes by Hofmeyr on his aspirations to become prime minister and on H.H. Moll and a note on Hofmeyr by H. Bolitho.


Correspondents: R.J.B. Anderson, A.G. Barlow, T.G. Bedwell, J. Beyers, J.P. Cope, E. du Plessis, A. Vine Hall, A.M. Hamilton, C. Hofmeyr, G.M. Huggins, M. Jacobs, C. Joad, M. Kentridge, E.L. Knowles, F.S. Malan, F.F. Miles, G.H. Nicholls, J.R. Sullivan.


Congratulations on a speech in parliament.

Plea for Hofmeyr to remain in politics.

Proposal that Hofmeyr becomes secretary-general of the British Commonwealth and later of U.N.O.

Account of progress of the Balliol Boys Club.


Correspondents: F. Clarke, J. Cohen, J.A. Gray, M.J. Green, R.F.A. Hoernle, C. Hofmeyr, G. Landman, D. McKenzie, J. Martin, R. Merrill, H.U. Moffat, M. Morgan, G. Saron, J.C. Smuts, W.J.J. van der Merwe, G.A. van der Walt, J.A. Wilkinson.


Hofmeyr's political ambitions and his liberalism.

Dispute between council and senate at the University of the Witwatersrand.

Proposed conference on education for Blacks.

Need for South Africa and Southern Rhodesia to cooperate.

Includes draft letter from Hofmeyr to R.F.A. Hoernle, on Hoernle's being passed over for the principalship, and a typed note on Tielman Roos and Hofmeyr.


Correspondents: J. Allan, C.T.E. Andrews, R.A. Barry, Rev. H.J. Batts, T.G. Bester, G.S. Lardner Burke, P. Cazalet, F. Clarke, B.H. Dicke, J du Plessis, M.P.G. Elliott, S. Evans, L. Flemming, I. Frack, H.E.S. Fremantle, J.P. Frylinck, J.A. Gray, G.A. Hay, C. Hofmeyr, H. Hofneyr, P.E. Hubbell, C. James (Sec. Farmers Bond), S. Cleaton Jones. J.P. Jooste, F.W.A. Jordaan, Bishop A.B.L. Karney, C. Louis Leipoldt, B.K. Long, T.G. McCrystal, T. McDonald, L. MacLeod, W.M. Macmillan, J.A. Manson, Dr G.J.M. Melle, H.R. Murray, J.A. Neser, R. Nicholson, S.J. Payne, J. Pretorius, T. Purchas, H.R. Raikes, T. Roos, C. Runge, R.J.K. Russell, V.S. Sastri, D.L. Smit, J.C. Smuts, S. Solomon, T.C. Stoffberg, J. Swart, C.N. Thompson, J.J. Tromp, J.M. van der Lingen, W.J.J. van der Merwe, L.D.C. van Wyk, P.J. Venter, T. Ward-Cox, H.G. Watson, J. Wertheim, J.J. Wylie.


Future of provincial councils and danger of over-centralisation Relationship between Boer and Briton and Afrikaners' fear of being swamped.

Hofmeyr's plan to form a central party of moderates.

Prejudice against Indians in the Transvaal.

Lack of local government in Transvaal rural areas.

Choice of separate schools or parallel classes for the different language groups.

Need for a South African citizenship.

Hofmeyr's refusal of another term as administrator and of the High Commissionership in London, thus leaving the way open for a political career.

Attempts by various constituences to persuade Hofmeyr to stand as the South African Party candidate.

Separate register for Black voters proposed.

Offer of an honorary degree to Hofmeyr from the University of the Witwatersrand.

Need for air transport service between Europe and South Africa.

Includes draft letters from Hofmeyr to J.P. Jooste, R. Nicholson and General Smuts on politics, to W.R. Macmillan congratulating him on his book and L. MacLeod acknowledging a cartoon. Also copies of letters from S. Evans to General Smuts and Sir W. Sefton Brancker on air transport.


Correspondents: A. Brink, G.P. Lestrade, J. Macmurray, W. Murray, G.D. Shehah, W.J.J. van der Merwe, J.L. van Eyssen, A. Young.


Possibility of Hofmeyr being appointed secretary of the South African Party.

Appointment of Hofmeyr as Principal of the South African School of Mines, Johannesburg.

Includes drafts of letters from Hofmeyr to the editor of the Transvaal Critic and the council of the School of Mines re his appointment as principal.


Correspondents: W.S. Bradley, G.L. Byth, G.S.A. Gerdener, F.S. Malan, W. Ritchie.


Congratulations on his gaining a first in Greats at Oxford.

Effect of the Rhodes scholars on Oxford.

Complaint from the Students Christian Association of South Africa that Hofmeyr is not a member of the Dutch Reformed Church.


Correspondents: H.F. Armstrong, J.C. Beattie, G.L. Byth, T.S. Camey, P. Cazalet, C.W. Cousins, R. Currey, R. Dart, M. Edmund, L.L. French, A.F. Grant, A. Vine Hall, W.H. Hofmeyr, W. Houghton, J. Rose-Innes, C. James, F.W. Konig, P. Loraine, A.H. Moore, F.V. Morley, T. Morris, R.G. Nicholson, T. Roos, J.C. Smuts, F.C. Sturrock, J.T. Wood, J.J. Wylie.


Attempts by the South African Party to persuade Hofmeyr to stand as their candidate at the election.

Congratulations on Hofmeyr's Pretoria speech in which he stressed the need for unity.

Danger of the English electorate losing interest in politics Offer of a doctorate from the University of Cape Town.

Hofmeyr's decision to stand for the Johannesburg North constituency Need to redress Black grievances, including the franchise.

Constitution of the South Africa Labour Party.

Includes draft letters from Hofmeyr to R. Currey and Tielman Roos on politics.


Correspondents: Rhodes Scholarship Trust (American Secretary), F.S. Jungquist, J.C. Smuts.


Offer to help plan a tour of institutions for Hofmeyr's visit to America.

Includes a draft letter from Hofmeyr to General Smuts, in Dutch, regretting that he cannot assist in writing an anti-republican pamphlet.


Correspondents: Sir W. Dalrymple, R.J.S. Dodd, P.E. Hubbell, H.W. Sampson, E. Warrington-Smyth (Sec. for Mines and Industries).


Commission on Miners Phthisis (Hofmeyr was a member) and its dissolution before a report could be written.

News from old university friends.

Question of Hofmeyr continuing as principal or reverting to the chair of classics.

Includes Letter from Hofmeyr to Sir William Dalrymple on the principalship, memorandum to the council and a resolution by council that Dr. Stibbe should sever his connection with the university.


Correspondents: F.H.P. Creswell, R.F. Immelman, C.T. Loram, H.W.J. van der Brugge, P.M. van der Westhuizen, Lt. Col. F.S. van Manen, Lt. Col. A.T. Wilson.


Congratulations to Hofmeyr on his return to parliament for Johannesburg North.

Thanks from the University of the Witwatersrand for his services as chancellor.

Thanks from educationists for his work in parliament on the Bill for the Better Control of Higher Education.

Includes draft letters from Hofmeyr to P.M.van der Westhuizen on Hofmeyr's attitude to the United Party movement and to C.T. Loram refusing a travelling grant from the Carnegie Corporation.

Also a statement by Lt. Col. F.S. van Manen denying that General C.F. Beyers was in league with the Germans in South West Africa.

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