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Delmas Treason Trial Marcus, Gilbert
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Delmas Treason Trial

  • ZA HPRA AK2117
  • collection
  • 1985 - 1989

The collection contains the records of the court proceedings in the case State vs. P.M. Baleka and Others, commonly referred to as the Delmas Treason Trial.

The records include the charge, indictment, applications for discharge, bail applications, admissions, evidence and argument, exhibits, judgment, pronouncement of sentence and the appeal. They jfurther contain material relating to the dismissal of the assessor and important items collected by the Defence such as indexes to the trial, trial summaries, statements, affidavits and memoranda. Notes, statements and memoranda by the accused, particularly Popo Molefe, are also included.

The records are a rich source for those researching state repression and opposition politics in the 1980's. They are of considerable interest to lawyers, historians, sociologists and political scientists. There is much about opposition to the tri-cameral parliament, the United Democratic Front, the Vaal Triangle, Azanian People's Organisation, civic associations, the Freedom Charter, the African National Congress, education, Inkatha and the South African Council of Churches.
Michele Pickover, January 1993.

Marcus, Gilbert