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Pasta/Processo Abram Fischer Papers
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"The Great Mines Strike - First Round"

The script was written by Rusty Bernstein for an official publication about the Mine workers strike in 1946. It covers the events of the strike, culminating in the arrest and charge of the leaders of the strike. The typescript has black corrections (by Bram Fischer?) and is numbered 1-141.

The case of Sam Kahn, Member of Parliament and City Councillor of the Municipality of Cape Town

Court case in the Supreme Court of South Africa, with First Respondent J. de Villiers Louw, Liquidator: Act 44 of 1950, and Charles R. Swart, Minister of Justice. Kahn challenged the notice served on him by the respondents to show why is name should not be included in a list of persons who are office bearers or members of the Communist Party of south Africa, which he received on the 6 September 1950, at which point in time the Communist Party had been dissolved as of the 22 June 1950.

Included are Petition; Annexures with the initial notice served; Legal Opinion; Affidavits by amongst others Moses Kotane and Yusuf Dadoo; Affidavits by Louw and Jacobus Malan Hugo, Clerk in the House of Assembly; the Argument; Judgement delivered on the 17 November 1950.

Court case of 10020 (Joe Slovo)

The case of the Applicant 10020, a detainee whose identity was not permitted for disclosure, but who was in fact Joe Slovo, and Colonel Le Roux, Superintendent of the Johannesburg Gaol (Fort), as Respondent.

Court case of Walter Max Sisulu

The case of Walter Max Sisulu vs. The Acting Attorney-General of the Transvaal. Walter Sisulu was charged with Fraud on the 12 January 1962

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