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South African Police, Van Reenen records
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Lists of absconders, completion of work to premises occupied by police, elections 1921, members of Force tried by magistrates, class grading of constables, issuing of railway holiday concession certificates, requisitions for furniture, minor works and hiring, recruiting, appointment off special constables for escort, economy, fingerprints of juveniles, marriage, class grading of constables - test papers.

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Subsistence allowance, movements of cattle in districts whore East Coast fever have occurred, anthrax - Rensburgkop, closing of financial year, private trunk calls from official telephones, discipline, issue of provincial railway warrants, shortage of foot police, distinguishing collar and letter numerals, duties performed for other government departments, economy in the use of stationery, uniform allowance, control and suppression of stock diseases, dog training course - Irene, ration allowance in police lock-ups, attestations and re-engagements, criminal procedure, post and personal equipment, police duties, leave forms, allowances for meals supplied, lending of books from magistrates libraries to police prosecutors, issue to pound-masters, admission of guilt, financial instruction No-32 and No. 27, shooing of police horses, transfer of prisoners, summary of Children's Protection Act No. 25 of 1913, standing committees, retirements onattaining age limits, plain clothes constables, 10% concession granted by Aberdeen Line, exhibits in criminal cases, SAP OrphanageFund in No. 28 District, 1914-15 Star, trial of members of the Force, proof of membership, recruiting for SAP, Kestell Cup Shooting Trophy, arrest of persons on suspicion, medical. examination for applicantsto SAP, arrest of natives for politicaloffences, leave applications, application for Post Commander's allowance, criminal cases where policedogs are employed, criminal statistics, cost of living allowance.

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Wheel tax ordinance 1916 - failure to pay, stock theft, failure today dog tax, poll tax, common -theft, desertion, pass infringement, dangerous gates, trespassing, common assault, holding of wages, squatting, failure to fix badge on vehicle.

Lost and Found Lists

Lists of absconders, persons and information wanted, lists of lost and stolen miscellaneous property, lists of lost and stolen jewellery, lists of lost and stolen bicycles, motor cycles, motor care and accessories, lists of stolen animals.

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