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Correspondents: British Association for the Advancement of Science, C.C. Grant, D.D.T. Jabavu, F. McDougall, T. Purchas, J.J. Wylie.


Invitation for Hofmeyr to deliver a paper at the centenary meeting of the British Association for the Advancement of Science. Comments on Coming of Age (Cape Town, Miller, 1930), to which Hofmeyr contributed a chapter.

Comments of Blacks on the proposed removal of the Black franchise, to compensate which money will be voted for agricultural development.


Comments on imperial economic problems.

Hofmeyr's request to be allowed to write the UNISA preliminary and intermediate LLB exams in one year.


Correspondents: A.H. Bourne, C.R. Buxton, W. Falcon, H. Hughes, T.J. Jones, F. Keppel, F. McDougall, C. Porter, Bishop N. Talbot, P.W.J. Weyers.


Congratulations on his speech on the gold standard.

Congratulations on his book South Africa (London, 1931.

Question of the rights of all races.

British Commonwealth and the oath of allegiance.

Race relations and education for Blacks in South Africa and America.

Request for Hofmeyr to support modification of mining taxation, to help the unemployment problem.


Correspondents: A. Barlow, R.G.M. Belcher, A. Collins, L. Dixon, J. Dove, H. Miles, T. Roos, J.J. Wylie.


National on coalition government.

Congratulations on his speech and on reaching cabinet rank Invitation from the Institute of Public Administration, London, for Hofmeyr to address them.

Question of how many Rhodes scholars have reached cabinet rank. Mining Taxation.


Correspondents: R. Broom, J. Browne, O.D. Schreiner, P.F. Williams.


Presentation to Hofmeyr by R. Broom of his book The coming of man.

Thanks for address to Roodebloem Brotherhood.

Thanks for article on C.J. Rhodes for the Oxford Society.

Danger of anti-semitism and Nazi posters, in Afrikaans, with swastikas.

Includes copy of a letter from Hofmeyr to the Principal of the University of the Witwatersrand, explaining how a 1922 strike pass came into his possession.


Correspondents: R. Broom, Lord Clarendon, D.D.T. Jabavu, B. Lunnon.


Request by R. Broom to name after Hofmeyr a skull found on a fossil expedition to the Karoo.

Congratulations on Hofmeyr's speech on bilingualism.

Importance of retaining a separate franchise for Blacks, who will vote for their own senators.

Invitation to be one of the signatories to a statement celebrating 40 years of World's Student Christian Federation.


Correspondents: Dr A. Abdurahman, African People's Organisation, Sir Syed Raza Ali, W. Allen, J.T. Barry, F.C. Bentinck, Rev. R.H. Birt, E.H. Brookes, R. Broom, Rev H.P. Bull, O. Bull, Rev J. Chicani, Lord Clarendon, F.A. Cooke, J.P. Cope, R.H. Cowan, W. Cullen, R. Currey, R.R. Currie, B.H. Dicke, L.J. Douglas, P. Duncan, G.H. Dunn, W. Eastwood, P.E. Evans, Bishop C. Ferguson-Davie, C.H. Friend, Rev C. Garratt, J.A. Gray, L. Greenberg, J.B.M. Hertzog, F.E. Hewitt, Rev J.M. Hlongwane, R.F.A. Hoernle, Mrs M.L. Hofmeyr (President, Women's Missionary Union, Dutch Reformed Church), A.A. Hope, D.R. Hunt, D.D.T. Jabavu, Johannesburg Joint Council, E.B. Jones, J.D. Rheinallt Jones, F.W. Konig, Dr J.J. Kuhn, C.J. Lander, E. Lewis, Marquis of Linlithgow, T.J. Lewis, A.C.G. Lloyd, B.K. Long, W. Madeley, D.F. Malan, F.S. Malan, B.B. Mdledle, P.G. Meiring, F.F. Miles, P. Millin, A.I. Momoniat, Chief Moshesh, Dr R. Mukerjee, A.V. Murray, K.B.D.E. Nagarwalla, S.R. Naidoo, National Council of Women, N.M. Nkabinde, Sir E. Oppenheimer, Rev W.A. Palmer, V.S.C. Father, A. Paton, Pietermaritzburg Society for the Welfare of Natives, H. Pirow, Pretoria Native Welfare Association, N. Price, H.R. Raikes, W.H. Ramsbottom, R.H. Reynolds, C.R. Rumbold, W.A. Russell, V.S. Sastri, O.D. Schreiner, H.S. Scott, T. Shaw, Kunwar Sir Maharaj Singh, D.L. Smit, S. Solomon, C.F. Stallard. V. Stent, R. Stratford, E. Stubbs, J.G. Swart, Sir P.C. Tagore, F. Theron, Transvaal Missionary Association, S.M. Trelawney-Ross, A.E. Trollip, E.A. Walker, M. Webb, World's Alliance for International Friendship through the Churches, A. Young, C. Douglas Zulu.


Reaction to the Representation of Natives Bill and congratulations to Hofmeyr for his stand against the abolition of the Cape native franchise.

Discovery of the skull and mandible of a new anthropoid ape.

Position of Indians in South Africa.

Question of the future of Tanganyika.

Tour to India by a South African parliamentary delegation, of which Hofneyr was a member.

Explanation of the return to South Africa of notes used by Boer P.O.W.s in India during the South African War 1899-1902.

Anti-semitism in South Africa.

Congratulations on Hofmeyr's appointment as minister of mines.

Includes letters from constituents to Hofmeyr expressing disapproval of the Native Bill and copies of replies from Hofmeyr stating that he will not vote for the bill. Also copy of a letter from Dr Abdurahman to General Hertzog re the disfranchisement of Blacks and notes for a speech to be delivered by Hofmeyr in India.


Correspondents: A. Aiken, H. Burton, P. Duncan, Hellenic Community of Benoni, J. Jeppe, Lady F. Ryder, H.W. Sampson. , J.C. Smuts, Miss M. Waddell, H.S. Wilkinson.


Offer by Lady Ryder to help young South Africans in Britain.

Silicosis in mines and the composition of the Mining Phthisis Board 1922 Strike.

Secretaryship of the Industrial Commission and Mr Pirow.

Legal case between the senate and council of the University of the Witwatersrand and the position of the principal.

Invitation to Hofmeyr to sit on the Commission on Provincial Expenditure.

Includes a draft letter from Hofmeyr to ? Duncan on the constitutional position at the University of the Witwatersrand.


Correspondents: H. Burton, H.S. Hilley, J. Macmurray, W. Pollak, Sir T.W. Smartt.


Advice on how to settle the dispute at the University of the Witwatersrand.

Thanks from the government for his service on the Provincial Finance Commission and invitation to serve on a further commission to investigate the government's responsibility in respect of education.


Correspondents: Sir J.E. Adamson, W. Baxter, E.H. Brookes, J.H. Buckland, Lord Buxton, L. Byth, W. Cullen, Sir W. Dalrymple, P.F. de Villiers, P. Duncan, J. du Plessis, H.E.S. Fremantle, C.G. Grant. T. Haarhoff, G.W.A. Hay, J.B.M. Hertzog, P. Hofmeyr, R.T.A. Innes, J.W. Jagger, C.T. Loram, A.F. Louw, D.F. Malan, A. Mansbridge, D.F. Marais, F.F. Miles, Dr A.M. Moll, C.H. Murray, Bishop H. Parker, J. Petersen.

C. Porter, A.G. Robertson, J.D. Robertson, H.S. Scott, J.C. Smuts, B. Solomon, S. Solomon, Bishop N. Talbot, C.N. Thompson, C.S. Tillyard, Transvaal Agricultural Union, H.W.J. van der Brugge, J.L. van Eyssen, L. van Schalkwyk, E.H. Waugh, J. Wylie.


Appointment of Hofmeyr as Administrator of the Transvaal.

Invitation to join the Advisory Committee of the World Association for Adult Education.

Duties and powers of provincial councils.

Appointment of H.S. Scott as Director of Education.

Includes correspondence between Hofmeyr and the Prime Minister, J.B.M. Hertzog, on the advisability of Hofmeyr continuing as administrator, a statement to the Privy Council on his position as administrator and a list of those who congratulated him on his appointment.


Correspondents: A. Bailey, E.H. Brookes, J.P. Cope, R. Currey, L. Flemming, J.S. Franklin, O.L. Harvey, G. Cleaton Jones, F.W. Konig, F.E.T. Krause, I.D. MacCrone, J. Martin, S.M. Nana, R.E. Phillips, H.S.L. Polak, C.J. Sibbett, V. Stent, E. Stubbs, A. van Lingen, W.H. Visser.


Gift of I.D. MacCrone's book "Race attitudes in South Africa" with the author's comments on inter-marriages at the Cape.

Congratulations to Hofmeyr for his stand on the Asiatic Bill. Congratulations to Hofmeyr for his speech on the Mixed Marriages Bill.

Congratulations on Hofmeyer's speech at Fort Hare.

Possibility of Hofmeyr resigning from the cabinet because of a dispute with Pirow.

Danger of the old Cape liberal tradition being reversed.

Question of Hofmeyr forming a new liberal party.


Includes letter from Hofmeyr to Sir Jagdish re the problem of the new Agent-General for the Government of India in South Africa being Hydari who is married to a European.

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