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Scrap Book 1

The scrapbook was compiled by Robert Sobukwe whilst held on Robben Island. The cover page is signed by Robert Sobukwe, together with the text 'SOUTH AFRICA - LOCAL'.

It includes news paper cuttings relating to details of Sobukwe's conditions of imprisonment on Robben Island, with reference to a parliamentary debate on the 'No Trial' Bill (later called Sobukwe Bill), as announced by B.J. Vorster, the Minister of Justice, which stipulated that Sobukwe could be detained further, after his three-year sentence expired; a photograph of the house in which Sobukwe was held, an ex-Navy barrack, out of sight of the other prisoners on Robben Island; articles and photographs about his wife Veronica and children; Kaizer Matanzima and Transkei politics; race relations in South Africa; articles relating to PAC arrests; POQO; (Potlako) Leballo letters from Basutoland, leading to the arrest of two women, Cynthia Lichaba and Patricia Lethala; NUSAS congress at the University of the Witwatersrand; Apartheid laws; arrests of ANC MK leaders at Liliesleaf farm in Rivonia; Philip Kgosana's attack on Patrick Duncan; scholarship offered to Robert Sobukwe; leadership crisis in PAC.

Volume 1

Association For Social Work Education in Africa, Ethiopia, 1986, 21 pages, Copies at: Library of Congress; Baker & Taylor Inc Tech Serv and Prod dev.

An Effort in community development in the Lakota Sub-prefecture, Lakota, date unknown, missing

Community Services, Lakota Project Methodology, 1972, missing

The Important Role of supervision in Social Welfare Organization, Ethiopia, 1972, 8 pages

The use of films in social development education, 1972, missing

Guidelines for making contact with young people in informal groups in urban areas, Ethiopia, 1973, missing

Compilation of case studies in social development in East Africa, East Africa, 1973, 464 pages, Copies at: Stanford, Calif.; Yale; Northwestern, Illinois; University of Illinois, Urbana; Boston University, including:

  • Case Studies from Ethiopia, by Seyoum Gebra Selassie
  • Case Studies from Kenya, by J.S.Nyaribo
  • Case Studies from Malawi, by R.Manda
  • Case Studies from Mauritius, by E.Roche
  • Case Studies from Tanzania, by P.J.Mhaiki
  • Case Studies from Uganda, by G.M.Ssenkoloto
  • Case Studies from Zambia, by V.G.Nyirenda

Page 1

Containing adverts for the following:
Mum; Phosferine; Phensic; Chamberlain's Cough Remedy; Dettol; Bu-Tone; Karroo Pain Tablets

Film 1

Including cartoons; Greek Itinerant; Johannesburg's washing places; Klipspruit; building the Carlton Hotel; picnic at Witpoortjie Falls; Commissioner Street; Market square; shoe blacks corner; Indian fruit hawkers; Rickshaws; ice cream trolleys; trolleys for hire; Chinese Club in Johannesburg; Chinese compound; Park station; Robinson Deep; Johannesburg Municipality; blacksmiths; farriers; carpenters; sanitary boys, 1904-1906

Film 10

Including Chinese arrival on the mines (several book illustrations); a Johannesburg African township; Van Ryn Estates 1904, Chinese mine workers leaving; Commissioner street, 1888; Stead's Meat market; Newtown market; Indian bakery; Indians arriving in Durban; Chinese police at Simmer & Jack mine; Indian pedlar, 1895, Chinese wrestling

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